Pearson Writer is a revolutionary digital
tool for writers at all levels. It’s built for mobile devices, so using
it is intuitive and easy. Pearson Writer streamlines the tedious and
time-consuming aspects of writing, so you can focus on developing your ideas. This video will show you how to use the noteclipper
and notebook within Pearson Writer. It includes a searchable Writer’s Guide,
a citation generator, a database with full-text, peer-reviewed articles, a project and task
manager, automatic writing review–and now, exciting new enhancements to help students
collect, curate, and organize their research. To see more of those features in action, check
out the video at Because right now, we’re going to look at
what’s new for Pearson Writer this Fall. Pearson Writer’s new NoteClipper and notebook
make collecting and managing research easy. Using Pearson Writer’s NoteClipper, students
can–with one mouse click–clip text and media from any online source and save it to their
notebooks. Their notebooks collect all of their research
in one place, where they can add their own ideas, group similar ideas together, color
code them, and even move them around as they imagine different organizational schemas. When their ideas begin to take shape, students
can drag and drop their notes using the outline tool. Students can view and edit their notes from
anywhere on their mobile devices and have their outlines open while they’re typing
their papers. That’s a quick look at the noteclipper and
notebook. Thank you for using Pearson Writer.