Often, we get asked to evaluate the experiences
of others. People want to know, “What was this?”,
or “Is this true?” We can only offer an opinion of the experience
based on what WE have experienced, but this is not meant to be taken as a validation or
invalidation of your experiences. If you have experienced something, it is your
experience and it happened for a reason. As we learn more and more about our creative
abilities, we are becoming more confident that nothing is random. Whether you had a profound dream, a supernatural
experience, or an encounter of some type, you can be certain that this experience was
drawn to you either because you asked a question and this is part of your answer, or because
this experience will lead you on a path of discovery which is intended to increase your
own growth and development. It is in the process of learning and discovery
that we strengthen our own power of discernment and we begin to form our personal foundation
for truth. We have encouraged each of you to ask the
big questions. Whatever it is about which you have a thirst
or desire to learn more, direct that question to your own heart and pay attention to what
happens in your life and what you experience. Your answers will be found in those experiences. The Universe can not do your learning for
you. However, She can help to place things in our
path, which can be seen as signs or open doors that if you choose to go through, you will
find the answers to your questions. Freewill is at work in the Greater Universe,
and although there is a gray area of do we or don’t we have ultimate freewill inside
this matrix, we can be sure that in the bigger picture, ultimate freewill is the method of
operation. She will never force you to learn but rather
will always leave that ultimate choice up to you to follow – or not. So many times, people want to say that the
things we are promoting are incorrect or misleading. Some have even accused us of being downright
deceptive. How do they know this? Is it because what they have experienced has
been something different than what we are sharing? Be willing to open your heart and your mind
to a broader perspective that allows for the possibility that others have different truths
that they have discovered from their own experiences. This is especially important to remember when
faced with an experience which contradicts your own. Your experience is your experience and it
would be wrong for us to try and interpret that for you. By doing so, we insert what can only be our
opinion about that experience. By inserting that opinion, we only add information
to your experience that should not be there for you to consider. When interpreting experience, we need to be
acutely aware of our own state of being at the time the experience occurred. For example, was I in a state of emotional
upheaval? Was I afraid? Did I, knowingly or unknowingly, ask a personal
question? Many times, by evaluating what was going on
internally, we can discover the reason for that experience and often begin to decode
its messages and the direction we should go in learning how it applies to our own development
and the answer it is pointing to. There is an attitude in the awakening community
that beliefs are dangerous. When people begin to learn that they have
been manipulated or forced into beliefs that are proven to them, personally, to be false
they are understandably reluctant to attach themselves to any belief from that point forward. We have even often seen it written with the
word “LIE” emphasized in the middle of the word, as if to point out that all beliefs
must be lies. This can only be true if we are willing to
lie to ourselves. Are we? The danger isn’t in the belief but rather
in the false information on which the belief is formed. If we evaluate this premise, we can often
see that the rejection of any kind of belief is based on fear which, as we know, will only
bring about more fearful information to reinforce this mindset. If we believe in nothing, we will have nothing. Beliefs are the building blocks and foundations
for how reality and personal truth is formed. If you believe you cannot achieve something,
you can be absolutely certain that you will not achieve it. It is IN our power of belief, the power of
the mind, that we create our reality. Always be willing to re-evaluate and adjust
beliefs as you grow so that you no longer remain stuck in creating a reality which no
longer serves your intentions. When we set new intentions based on new beliefs,
it is important that we let go of old beliefs that no longer benefit us. We often invest a lot of energy in our beliefs
and we want to share them with others. They might disagree with us because their
own beliefs don’t align with ours. When we notice that our belief no longer or
never really benefitted us, we have a difficult time admitting this to others, so we hold
on to old beliefs for fear of being wrong. Haven’t we all heard from others when we change
our minds, “I told you so!” Fear of being wrong is associated with shame
and guilt. It’s best to deal with all these emotions
that we are allowing to influence and direct our own journey to truth. All these things are connected and there is
no video or article we have written that is not connected to what is going on, in a bigger
picture, from our perspective. We recently came upon a study in which a person
who could not play basketball was given the challenge to shoot ten successful shots at
a basket. The person did not make one successful shot. The person was then blindfolded and asked
to make another ten shots. A crowd of people gathered around and were
asked to cheer the person on each attempt whether successful or not. The person who was blindfolded still did not
have any successful shots into the basket, however, the crowd was secretly instructed
to react as if they did. For the final segment of the experiment, the
blindfold was removed, and the person made a final attempt to shoot ten balls into the
basket. This time, the person made four successful
shots. What had changed? The person’s skill level had not increased,
and the shots had not somehow become easier. No, the only thing that had changed was the
person’s own confidence in knowing that success was possible due to BELIEVEING that
they had successfully made a few shots while blindfolded. The only thing that changed was the BELIEF. Beliefs are synonymous with intention. Intention is the foundation for creation. There is no difference in making the declaration
“I believe I am loved” and “I am loved”. By taking away the word believe from the intention,
we have only transformed the statement into a knowing. Nothing extraordinary needs to happen other
than an internal shift of consciousness and awareness. We create whatever it is that we want to experience,
either with conscious direction by setting specific intentions for ourselves or by being
at the mercy of others by allowing them to indirectly move us toward unconscious creation. Whatever you BELIEVE is what you will create. If you believe nothing, then you create nothing
for yourself. When we create nothing, we experience nothing
on a personal level, and we have no personal foundation for truth. We, then, place ourselves at the mercy of
the beliefs of others, which can only be their opinion because we have nothing internal to
compare. At that point, we are faced with whether or
not we want to believe a person’s opinion, and THAT is where we get into trouble. That is where false beliefs are created. If someone tells you that you are stupid,
and you never create for or allow yourself opportunities which contradict that opinion,
what will you be more likely to believe? Them or yourself? KNOW yourself. That can only happen by creating a knowing
through experiencing yourself. How do we experience ourselves? We become conscious of our own experiences,
including emotions and thoughts. If someone says, “This thing is scary and
dangerous because I experienced it this way! Beware!”, it doesn’t mean that this is
the truth of the matter. It only means that this person was at a level
of fear when the experience occurred and therefore the experience was interpreted to them in
this way. Many people who have read the Wes Penre Papers
became frightened by the information. They have used this as a matter of discernment
to say that Wes Penre is catering to and preying on people’s fears. This is an opinion, and it is often based
on THAT person’s fear about the information. There have been just as many people who have
overcome their own fears and received the information as a revelation and a confirmation
of their own experiences. Which one is true? They both are true, but not because of what
Wes has written, but rather because we pass information through our own filters and, as
we have stated in previous videos, our own beliefs form the filters through which we
will receive and interpret information. If you are afraid of the dark, then you will
avoid dark places. If you know that you possess an inner light
which illuminates and has the ability to show that the shadow of the witch on the wall is
really a tree in the moonlight, your ability to have a higher perspective will only increase
your awareness and more information will be revealed to you. If your intention is to grow, then you will
be given opportunities to expand your awareness, but they only work if we make the choice to
recognize them for what they are. No one can tell you what that should be. The reward of truth is not in reaching a destination,
but by embarking on the journey. Each person’s process in discovering personal
truth is different and created by each person in a way which is beneficial for each. My process is not your process. My conclusions are not your conclusions, and
that’s okay. There will never be a point in our development,
either in here or somewhere else, in which we gain the pinnacle of truth. If the information being shared is not beneficial
for your own growth, then you may find your own information in your own way. However, in the process of having experiences
which contradict the experiences of others, be aware of how much of your own interpretation
is based on fear and whether or not that fear is helpful and allowing you to expand your
perspective (move between dimensions) or how much that fear is creating a barrier and stopping
your from being able to achieve that higher dimension. Being able to say, “I allow you to have
your experiences even though they differ from mine,” is an expression of higher perspective. If we practice this, we will benefit from
other experiences which correspond to this dimensional perspective. What if we allow ourselves to have THOSE kinds
of experiences? Could anyone prove us to be wrong? No. Wouldn’t it be empowering to know who we
are and meet others from THAT perspective? Instead of evaluating each other’s experiences
or asking others to evaluate them for us, we would like to suggest that we simply share
those experiences without an underlying force attached that demands our experiences be validated
by others. By sharing without any emotional attachment,
we add our piece to the larger puzzle on which others can build. We add to the collective information from
which all is available and open to interpretation and all may benefit, rather than using it
as an attempt to suppress the experiences of another in favor of our own. The more we experience, the more we learn. By choosing to operate from a higher perspective
regarding the experiences of others, we should also remember to do this for ourselves. Not all scary experiences mean that what we
have encountered is bad or wrong. Sometimes, when we have a fear, we are given
the opportunity to confront and face that fear by having an experience where that fear
is manifested, BY OUR OWN CREATION of that fear, in order to move past it and dissolve
a block that may be creating a resistance that stops us from moving forward to the answer
we are seeking. If you have asked to know the truth of your
existence, then have the awareness and the openness to realize that in order to receive
that answer, fears which will prevent you from learning that answer will appear as experiences
in order for you to get rid of them. How that happens will be personal and individual
as you are a unique being. If you have set intentions for your life that
include changes from the path your are currently on, you can expect to face the obstacles that
are not in alignment with your intentions in order for you to clear them out of the
way. The Universe will not magically do that for
you. Remember, the choice is always left to us. Not all monsters are real and not all angels
are sent from heaven. Your experiences are yours alone, and they
can only be interpreted by you. You are the master of your own truth. When you experience these things for yourself,
no one can take that away from you, and they shouldn’t try. “A person with an experience is never at
the mercy of a person with an opinion.” Have you had an experience that you cannot
explain? It is not important what WE think of it. What do YOU think of it? There’s your answer. “All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien Consider watching this video to the final
end, so you don’t miss out on our video mini-series about Tiamaat and humanity’s
origins. If you missed earlier episodes, the mini-series
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