Good afternoon my fabulous 104 and welcome to
day 7 of vlogoween so today’s movie that I’m going to be
reviewing is a happy death day 2u well I haven’t watched it yet but I did
a poll on my Twitter and that was the winner so I’m gonna go watch that and
I’ll get back to you on it yeah I just finished my guitar practice
and like playing Sims and whatnot so yeah I’m gonna go have lunch try to
watch a little bit of my movie I don’t know how far I’ll get or if I’ll finish
it but I mean I’ll finish it at some point but I don’t know it’s off finish
it very finish it before I go to my theater class or not but we’ll see and i’ll see you guys after i’ve watched it see ya later I just finished the movie and I don’t know
what happened with the first one but this one was significantly better it
honestly can it was kind of a combination of Disney’s Minutemen with
back to the future and There’s another movie but I cannot think
of it at the moment anyway yeah this One was a lot better than the first
one I have to say it wasn’t it didn’t seem as repetitive and whatnot so It wasn’t really that scary to me but overall a great movie so yeah anyways
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