Today I want to talk about how to create better content Specifically any type of content that you have to write. Whether it’s a video script a blog post a facebook post Instagram post one of the things I’m most known for Actually is my engaging writing style in my email copy my facebook post my coffee shop stories my videos Why am I so engaging watch this video? Hey, what’s up? Hey, I’m Derek Halpern And you’re watching Planet Derek the place offers come to get ahead in business and in life and today I want to talk about creating better content, and how to actually write that content now Here’s the thing I’ve learned a lot about writing. Good content. Do good research tell good stories that all makes complete sense However, I’ve got a rule of thumb that has made me a much better writer And this rule of thumb is gonna piss off pretty much Anyone who has a college education, and if you’re someone who considers yourself a writer You’re probably gonna be mad at my tip, but here. It is my rule of thumb is if you want to create better content No more commas in your sentences really no more commas in sentences now I know this is crazy because Why would an adult? Who knows how to write and knows how to use commas and dashes and colons and samurai calls and all this other crap? Why would you limit yourself by not using commas well I’ll tell you why short sentences are easier to understand for most people it doesn’t matter if you’re the smartest person in the world a Shorter sentence is easier to comprehend than a longer sentence and when you have a rule like no more commas You’re essentially forced to use short sentences now. I know this is crazy Can you really write a piece of content a sales page a video? With no commas I mean I just use the sentence right there that have three commas if you were to write it out And yeah, it’s hard to do it, but the goal behind this rule of thumb is to make you open your eyes to the length of your sentences and the shorter your sentence More people will read This is actually proofing. It’s a matter of fact I remember reading some research where they analyzed the sentence length of some of the best-selling books in the world and they Discovered that the books that sold the best shared one thing in common They had an average sentence length that was much shorter than other books in the same topics isn’t that interesting? short sentences more book sales I would even say that short senses have more sales page reads – and how do you get there? No commas no commas in your writing. It’s a matter of fact I’d like to see you try to create something without a comma in it now I know this is gonna get some flack here because I’ve done one other video actually about writing and This video is one of the most disliked videos on my entire youtube channel It’s called the big problem with big words where I talk about how right now I’m telling you to use no commas in that video I talk about how you should never use big words and I got so much crap from so many Self-righteous writers that I’m not gonna dump down my writing for for idiots It’s like okay, and that’s why no one is gonna read your writing, but I know this is gonna Get some flack to hold no common rule But the goal again is to create shorter sentences and to get there Use your common sparingly now what I want you to do is this take a look at something? You’ve recently written Maybe it was an email and about page a blog post don’t take the whole thing but just take something that you’ve recently put together an Experiment with writing that same thing with no commas in it and just see how it turns out You’ll eventually find that you’ll use some commas in your writing, but while you’re thinking about the no comma rule just take a look at how easy it is to read that type of content and Then leave a comment below this video. Let me know what you think If you like this video like it if you’re new here subscribe. I’ll see you tomorrow You