Hello, it’s me, Winter! I’m already tired from this music. Let’s change it. Hello, its me, Winter. Today is another day and another VLOG! Why? Because I have no school. Why? Because is passed my exams. Probably successful… probably not. We will find out in 1 and a 1/2 month! So what’s the plan for today? Jakub’s gonna get a new haircut, we both go for laser epilation, and gym. So basically nothing interesting. Just turn off! No Don’t do it. DON’T. DO. IT. Don’t turn off. Because today I’ll make an interesting experiment! I’m gonna do groceries! Because Jakub keeps complaining that it’s not possible to do groceries for 400 Euro a month. “It’s not enough! 400 Euros a month can’t feed a family of two people! No!” How are people even surviving in Ukraine and Russia… So today I’m gonna start planning our… Budget. Well, I started planning our menu, but perhaps this might be a bit more difficult after all. Guys, we are going spontaneously to a flat viewing. And afterwards I really need to go to the hairdresser, because my hairs a disaster as you can tell. Once we’re done with that it will be time to suffer… laser epilation. Beautiful, yeah? What do you think… What do you think, guys? I personally think it’s the perfect flat for YouTubing. Sooo much light! It’s nice. But I’m not ready to kill for it. We’re done with the hairdresser, or at least I am. Now it’s time for some quick groceries and then we are going to suffer… This time I am going to do the groceries! Yah, right. Vitalii will do groceries because it appears that I am wasting our money. How it’s going? Slow. How did it go? Are you happy with budget? It’s more difficult than I expected. Look at that… So this is what I bought for 35 Euro. Did you unpack my bag? Yeah, so this is basically all for 35 euro. You think it’s a lot? I don’t think so… Actually, prices in Ukraine are really cheaper. My hand already start hurting how actually it do you know all the time? My right arm is my stronger arm. It’s trained, because I am jerking you off. It was totally unnecessary to explain that… It’s cold, it’s really cold now in Berlin! I feel extremely cold today. Also, I discovered a new side of Berlin. It’s not tolerant at all. Huuuh, so rainy! We just met a guy in the subway and he asked “Are you fags? Do you guys f*** each other?” Yeah So as you see homophobes are everywhere. Good thing he left the train because I am really not in the mood to kick someones ass today. Yeah… see ya. As always, Jakub decided to be very sporty and climb the stairs. F***, look at me, I’m all wet. Because Jakub didn’t have his umbrella with him, so I had to give mine to him. This time I was faster. Because I was not running! Am I red? Not really, you look like always… when you’re lying. F*** off… This is the wrong door! No… Yes! It’s floor 14 not 13! We accidentally went to your neighbour… We decided to go to a club… and we’re already wasted! So, as I said, we’re going to a club. And I took my friends t-shirt because we originally didn’t plan to go. I’m filming from the toilets… how are you guys? I’m totally wasted. You should not repeat at home… I’m peeing here. Condoms for 1 Euro. Why are they even wanting money for it? These should be for free at clubs to stop diseases… Well, we just left the club. We’re totally wasted.. Especially Jakub. Don’t film… What? Why? You’re wasted suka, you’re wasted like a bit**. Nooo, stop filming it! I won’t. Please, for real, for real now, for real, stop… Ooooh, you’re stuck in the wall. F*** you! But your hood on, it’s cold! Are you trying to humilate me? No, I’m just filming for history! For our children! What kind of history… For your children suka. You’re just trying to emberass me. Did you see? We almost stepped into a homeless person… Sounds so rude… but he was really laying I didn’t see him. Anyway, oh look, she’s a bad girl. We’re on the subway… and on the way home! Don’t worry. From 1-10 how drunk are you? 7 I think… I’m on a fu**** 9 or 9. Yeah, so we’re on the way back home. I hope everything will be fine. This is what I’m calling a wasted puppy… We woke up. I am going to do breakfast… I’m still drunk! I’m not drunk, I am just hungover… It’s 12… AM or PM? Let’s just say it’s 1 PM! Yesterday was really nice party… a lot of alcohol. Which is why Wineholics are today hungover. We would like you to subscribe to our channel And put thumbs up. Yeah You