What is going on members of the Barrio It is Jon And who is ready to see some lava today You, you , you Alright before we move forward I want to make sure that you’re subscribed and have notifications turned on And have notifications turned on so you don’t miss out on any of our Hawaii adventures. We’re coming to you from Kalapana right now. The end of Highway 130 And we’re about 4 miles away from the lava viewing area At Mount Kilauea This is the most active volcano in the world It has been erupting consistently since 1983 And we’re going to try to get a front row seat Yes i’m ready You know what I was going to ask you right So basically you have 2 options Directly in Kalapana You can hike 4 miles Or you can bike ride it We rented bikes and we’re also going to be getting a van ride about 50% of the way To the viewing area But on the way back In the dark We’re on our own. So that’s the part I am not anxious about for sure I survived the Lava hike. Should we be afraid? Alright we’ve decided we’re not going to take the shuttle We don’t want to wait 20 minutes We’re going to go about 30 minutes downhill on bike to the viewing area. I’ve got my go pro locked in Right on a volcano And this is where we’re biking to Ocean entry of the lava There she goes I can already tell this is not going to be an easy bike ride back But the downhill going there Pretty simple so far You can already see the steam coming off the volcano right there Into the water Their are a lot of other people biking right now Don’t know how crowded it’s going to be at the viewing area Adriana is a little bit weaker of a rider than me So I’m taking a break right now To let her catch up There she is Go go go Go go go We have reached the mid way point Just 2 more miles to go More and more smoke This makes me very sad. One long road to go Until the lava As the sun comes down This is pretty perfect timing We’re so close And you survived congratulations I don’t know how i made it But i made it I don’t know how those people hiked I don’t know how you could walk this I prefer hiking You really would prefer hiking Yes I would prefer to bike this. So there’s definitley lava right now Yep. As long as you see that splume over there Yeah Lava is flowing into the ocean. Alright thank you very much. 8 miles of biking I don’t know if i’m going to be able to walk much tomorrow But it’s all worth it Because we are almost at the viewing spot Just another few minutes Everybody is just chillin right here There are a ton of people here right now so you kind of have to jockey for position To get a good view. We’re just chilling until the sun goes down a bit more And then i’m going to try and film some really incredible stuff You’re getting upgraded to a front row seat here We’re testing out our head lights for the way back I can vlog like this I can actually look in the camera and it looks okay Maybe it’s cause of the light behind me Probably Alright Adriana has me lit right now That was incredible Literally I think it left a lot of people speechless Just seeing the lava flowing Into the water That is new land being created underneath I mean that’s one of the reasons you travel For moments like that I’m never going to forget Seeing the lava flow ever That was really really one of the highlights of the trip to Hawaii for sure. And now maybe the 2nd highlight Biking back in the darkness With these little headlights and flashlights Alright this is going to be an adventure You afraid or excited God It’s a mix of everything I’m excited Let’s do it So we’ve got about 3 miles to go Taking a little break Legs are super wobbly The star gazing is awesome That alone is worth the bike ride. Just looking up into the sky I wish my camera was better to show you what it looks like Alright finally made it back The ride was actually really cool because you had the view of the sky You had the wind It was kind of unique With the lack of light I don’t know if i would do it again But i see this little smoothie place Right here And i’ve never been more in need of some sugar than right now You survived the lava hike I did It wasn’t a hike Lava bike hike And you’ve got that nice drink there What was your favorite part? Definitley not the bike Really Just the lava It was the lava Yeah Would you do it again? It was fun Not this year Definiltey not this year Maybe I don’t know Not now Let’s go Alright so we survived This is definitley something you have to do when you come to the Big Island I’d probably put it number 1 on my list seeing Lava Either through this method Or taking a helicopter Or hiking Or taking a boat But you’ve got to see the lava somehow Because that’s what the big island is known for It’s just a couple of big volcanoes really This is the most active volcano in the world About 4 miles in that direction Hope you guys enjoyed the footage The bike ride was really interesting I have no idea how the go pro came out to show it I am hoping it looks pretty good Guys thank you so much for watching Subscribe if you are new here Everything is going on my big island playlist Be sure to check it out Until next time Our bikes are still here nice..