so you just make a simple social media
post it shouldn’t take any more than five minutes and as you can see you get
$10 for it hi everyone what’s going on this is greg kononenko the caffeinated
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into the details alright guys so the first site on our list of easy ways to
make money online is this website called remote Dusk’s so the URL is remote tasks
calm and the way that it works is you can work from anywhere you can be in any
country in the world you’ve got some super easy to do tasks and they pay you
to complete those tasks now I want to show you the type of tasks that you need
to do they really are very simple just which here in the center you will see an
example of an audio transcription task ok so you’re just gonna hear some voice
or someone speaking in English and then you will need to basically type it all
out once you’ve finished up typing it out
you will need to click Submit tasks and you will essentially get paid for just
transcribing that text it’s extremely simple one of the best ways to make
money online another example of a task is draw a box around cars around certain
objects in an image again it’s super easy to do as you can see and another
example of a task is categorization so for example you get a term like beat
studio and then you select the category that it belongs to okay it gets paid by
PayPal every single week they pay you every
single week bye Peppa so it’s extremely simple to do now the good thing here is
that you there are there are no special requirements for this task so for
example as you can see here under the FAQ let me just scroll here and I will
show you yes so easy to do tasks ok so examples are like drawing boxes around
cards or around various object moderating content identifying spam
categorizing t-shirts and so forth who do they actually work with well this
company remote Dusk’s has been around for a really long time they work with
lots of different companies including a lot of public companies so they are very
reliable there is no minimum amount to get paid ok and as you can see other
examples are image annotations OCR image transcription so transcriber important
content from an image collect data search the web and collect data from
anything so literally anyone can do this there is no minimum number of hours to
get a payout there is no minimum you just get paid out each week will you
really get paid yes you definitely will really get paid and now I’m going to go
inside the interface and actually show you what you need to do so the first
thing that you’ll need to do after you log in so obviously of course you need
to sign up first so just go through my tasks comm and click the sign up button
after you sign up you will see what’s called exams now you will learn you’ll
notice that I have just one exam at the moment and says what a transcription one
to two dollars per hour so the way this works you need to build up your skills
and you need to take exams and get you know qualifications so to speak and they
see very simple to do don’t worry about that but you do need to take an exam to
unlock further exams and unlock further tasks so for example the simplest task
that you can do is this audio transcription okay after you’ve done the
audio transcription exams you’ll just need to click take exam after you’ve
done the audio transcription exam then you will unlock further exams for
example categorization which pays more okay
research which pays more you will need to do
as well and as you complete each of the exams each of the levels you will start
getting the jobs in your interface here in the dashboard that you can complete
according to those exams so as soon as you complete the exam about audio
transcription you will unlock the audio transcription jobs so that makes sense
then so you can start doing what a transcription jobs of course they don’t
pay very much so then you take another exam and you unlock those jobs so you
can anywhere from sort of five to ten fifteen dollars an hour at the high
levels here but you need to go through those steps and you need to prove
yourself to this website alright so hopefully you enjoyed this check the
links in the description below to get the links to remote tasks as well as a
lot of other information and now let’s move on to the next website on the list
the next one on our list is selling social shares which is one of my
personal favorite ways to make money so what is selling social shares all about
so people want social shares social bookmarks right so for example if you
have a Twitter account or Facebook account you will have some followers and
other people who run YouTube channels for example or who run blogs they will
want social shares to get higher rankings
okay so bloggers want social shares of their posts for higher rankings because
this is one of the things that Google when they rank search engine results
take into consideration blog post with 1000 social shares is likely to outrank
a blog post with zero social shares it’s a very important tricky single these
days so what this means is that if you have got certain social media accounts
and you don’t even have to have that many followers you can sell social
shares and you can share other people’s URLs for money so one of the
marketplaces we can sell your social shares is fiber and I’ll prove you in
just a second that you know I actually have purchased these services myself I’m
going to show you in just a second but first I want to show you how this
actually works so you can search for various things for example social
sharing okay and if you click search you’ll see the results so one of the
sellers that I’ve used myself is this one Greece ill da Lola I’ve done that
before to promote certain types of my content and as you can see she’s got 66
reviews means that she’s actually done a lot more orders and the gig is very very
simple so Australian 14 Australian dollars so that’s 10 US dollars that she
charges to do that and basically what she says is that she will share the URL
okay so she says I will share your social profile link page URL product on
my social media two times within 24 hours and of course this is only gonna
take her a few minutes to do and she collects $10 for doing that so this is
an excellent way to make money online it’s very simple it’s very user friendly
and you can do the exact same thing so how would you actually do this okay so
I’m just gonna outline the steps here for you guys so first you will need to
open Twitter account and Facebook page alright and then secondly get some
followers okay so get let’s say 50 to 100 followers on Twitter and 50 to 100
and B by H likes and guys I’m not gonna go into the details of how to do this in
this video you can google this this is very simple to do you can you can get
set up in a couple of days you know this is extremely simple to do alright if you
need help with these just drop me a comment in this video and I’m gonna post
some links to some helpful videos how to do that but basically once you type in
the Twitter account and a Facebook page and you’ve got a 50 to 100 followers and
58 to 100 Facebook page likes then after that you will go and three open five on
our account and then four post a gig so your gig just look at what others do so
basically go in and look for what others are doing so it goes something like
your social sharing you know one of those types of things and after you have
done that see how they lay out their gigs and list your gig the exact same
way okay and after that is just charged five to ten dollars per post ice trust
me there is demand for these people do this just to get social signals you do
not need to have followers people do not do this to get tons of traffic you know
it’s not like one of those things where someone with a million people on
Instagram shares a link and you know there’s like hundreds of thousands of
people go and buy a certain product none of that this is purely done for social
signals okay so even if you just have 50 followers on Twitter and 50 Facebook
page likes you can certainly sell your service for five or ten dollars per post
as you’re following grow so of course you can charge more but basically this
is an excellent way to make money for a complete beginner it’s an easy way to
make money online for anyone who is just kind of starting out you know if you’ve
never made your first dollar yet this is an excellent way to do this so after
you’ve opened and posted your fiber gig basically then from there on just wait
until people order your gig and complete the gig see how others do these on fire
Mike into all of your research they’re cool so hopefully you enjoyed this one
let’s move on to the next way the next one on our list of easy ways to make
money is usability hub comm so their URL is usability hub like that comm and
after you’ve come to this website you’ll be able to sign up as a tester by
clicking this button at the top become a tester the reason why I really like the
usability hub website is because they are very reliable to work with some of
the top brands in the industry you can see that they’re partnered with Amazon
Google Tasks rabbit-ear tables are all the huge companies so they’re super
reliable and that means that you are going to get paid you’re not gonna get
scammed and you will actually get your money so after you click on become a
tester you’ll be taken to this screen here where it says join our panel of
dedicated testers so what will you actually
do you will be asked to do some very simple tasks that have got to do with
usability of various applications of websites and generally they are
extremely simple they prefer people with no experience
you don’t need to be a developer you don’t need to be some kind of a
technical expert they actually prefer to work with people with testers who are
regular people who don’t have a lot of technical knowledge because that’s the
general user base of the applications that those companies want to test okay
and they will ask you to do certain things for example they will ask you to
find something or click somewhere so they run short user tests and design
surveys and the program allows you to participate in that
once you’ve accumulated at least 100 credits you can request a payout
now this is 10 cents per credit okay so once you’ve accumulated 10 dollars
that’s when you can request the payout and it even says here you don’t need to
be usability expert to participate so most test creators prefer ordinary
people over professional designers and developers all right so how much do you
actually get paid now they pay 10 cents per credit and most most tests pay 1 to
3 credits or something like between 10 to 30 cents per response ok and there
could be multiple responses obviously it’s not just gonna be one response in a
test there’s going to be multiple responses I’ve done a little bit of
digging around how much you can make so you can make anywhere from five to ten
to fifteen dollars an hour depending on the tests that are present on that
particular day and you know it’s just an excellent way for you to be able to make
some money it’s one of the very simple and easy ways to make money online make
money from home just from the comfort of your own home when when you’ve got a
little bit of time to spare so go ahead and register I highly recommend that you
register for usability hub comm there’s going to be a link in the description
below just check the link in the description below if you enjoyed these
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future now there’s one more way of May Kimani that i want to talk to you so
let’s get to that my favorite way out of all the ways to make money online is
blogging this is what I personally do and this is what I recommend everyone
starts doing as soon as possible now I want to talk to you a little bit about
working vs. blogging and why you really should try to build your own blog or we
can also call it an issue website as quickly as you can
so let’s talk about the difference working vs. blogging so the good thing
about working is that you can make money quickly okay so essentially you either
work in a job or perhaps in one of those websites that I just talked about before
and you can register on that on one of those websites and literally the same
day you can start earning money so it’s a it’s a great way and I think you
definitely you know if you’re looking for a way to start making money as
quickly as possible you definitely should go ahead and register and start
working on those websites but you should make a move progressively over time to
having a blog and that’s what I want to explain to you why so with working even
if you do work for example forty hours per week multiplied by let’s say just
for simplicity ten dollars per hour what you’re looking at making is of course to
400 per week okay and these figures could be different you know you can work
more hours or you can maybe you can make more per hour but essentially you’ve got
a ceiling of let’s say whatever it is you know a thousand five thousand or ten
thousand dollars a month it’s hard to make or over ten thousand a month over
ten K equals ad per month you need to really be in a really good job and you
know if you if you’re looking at those micro working sites it’s actually
probably quite impossible to make over 10,000 per month now when you look at
blogging blogging is slow to start with okay because essentially what happens is
you put out various contents a various information online people start finding
you through search engines but it’s a slow process you obviously need to build
it you need to build it up however it’s passive so if you have many pieces
of content out there on your site you will get a lot a lot of passive traffic
okay you will get lots of traffic passively and that’s the good thing
about blogging now some of my blogs that have been around for years you know
they’re getting hundreds of visitors per day some of them getting over a thousand
visitors per day on some days and I don’t need to do anything for it it’s
completely 100% passive you can have affiliate links in content you can have
Adsense in your content so this is where the true passive income actually starts
and that’s why I think that blogging is one of the best ways to make money
online you do need to kind of slowly transition to this you know always think
about this what am I actually doing am i trading time for dollars what I’m
actually creating a passive income for myself because that’s where the secret
to you know being truly happy and kind of like making a lot of money online
actually is it is within blogging and getting that passive free traffic and
then converting it into sales now you can have a blog in any niche
I’ve got blogs in multiple niches and guys if you want a free guide on how to
start your own profitable blog then scroll down into the description below
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that it’s helped a lot of people already and I think that you’re really going to
enjoy it and it’s going to help you move from working to actually starting to
grow your own passive online income and start growing that overtime because what
happens is as you put out more and more pieces of their content on your blog you
know once you’ve got let’s say 30 40 50 100 posts on your blog you’re going to
be able to scale up and even if you go away for like a week or two weeks or a
month you take holidays once you’ve set up all of those systems they’re going to
be automated for you and that’s exactly how many bloggers so many bloggers are
making high four figures you know low five figures even high five six figures
every a month from just having a blog because
it’s completely passive and you can just continue growing it so make sure to grab
that free seven-day blogging cost the link is in the description below I think
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