Welcome to a tutorial from Web- Sta Web Design + eMarketing. Today I’m going to cover off on how to manually share a WordPress Blog Post on to your business Facebook page. What I’ve done to get started is I’ve logged in to my WordPress dashboard here for Web-Sta and I’ve also got that the Tab here open for the business page. This just speeds the process up a lot, and you can do a lot of sharing or manual posting really quickly by doing it this way. So I’m gonna go into posts and I’m gonna locate the blog article that I’d like to share. Let’s do this one, so this was a 2017 article over here. So I’m just gonna go to “view”, I’m gonna right click and go “open link in new tab” So this is going to open in a 3rd tab across the top here and it’s gonna take me to this particular blog and it’s live. You want to make sure that this any blogs that you go to share on Facebook or any other social media for that matter are published. The way to tell when you’re on the actual article itself is if it says the word “preview” up in this URL or this link, then it’s a preview. and it’s not published and only you will be able to see that particular article because you’re logged in or that website or blog post because you’re logged in if you were to share that link on Email or in social media anybody clicking on the link will get a broken link Because they’re not logged in therefore, they won’t be privy to seeing that blog post prior to it going live (being Published). So make sure it’s published. Ideally the featured image, like I’ve got here, is being set in your WordPress dashboard. A couple of tips Is that a horizontal graphic always looks better than a portrait view. If you’ve not already noticed Facebook does tend to display images in a Landscape view angle so and most websites do the same as well with blog articles. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go over here and I’m gonna copy the URL for this blog article and by sharing this exact URL anybody clicking on this link is going to come straight to this page, which is really helpful. It means that they’re going to come straight and read… straight to this content and read it and they’ll still have access to or get other pages the website. So make sure to copy that straight across the Facebook… into “writing in your post” and I’m going to paste that URL. So you can see it’s fetching a preview. Facebook is just going to reference the featured image This is another reason why it’s really important to make sure you got the future image second your WordPress dashboard. Is their reference the article title as well, which is really helpful it’s a little bit of intrigue and then the last thing to do really is to give it an intro. “Reviewing another 2017 article by Web-Sta…” What I’m gonna do here is I’m going to tag our business Facebook page in this post while I’m here as well. And that’s pretty much it. So I’ve got the option of either sharing that now or I can schedule it for later which I will do and the schedule is for a couple of days from now and I’ll go Thursday. and I shall do this at about seven o’clock because that tends to be what a lot of our clients are home from work and on social media so our readership is a little bit higher at that hour So that’ll be very different to depending on your industry and the type of business your run. I want to go “Schedule” and then I’m going to click on “Schedule Post”. So that’s now saved that in the system. So on that date at that time that particular article is going to share. You can come back and see the posts and edit that at any time. If you so wish. So that’s pretty much it and we’ll do another video in terms of how to upload a blog to your WordPress website so that you can get a blog up and published including putting on a featured image. Until next time.