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– Comes out on Monday. That is YouTube.com/ThisIsMythical. – Do it. – Okay, now when we were in
high school Link was the victim of a few wedgie attacks. One in particular in which
his underwear was completely pulled over his head.
– Yeah. – And I didn’t intervene
because I wasn’t there. – If you were would you have? – No. – Okay, whatever. But I was recently reflecting.
– Yes I would. I would have, I would have
stepped in and thrown an elbow. A sharp elbow. – When my underwear grew over my back and then over my head – Yes.
– It was a soccer initiation thing.
– Right. – Hazing, I don’t condone it. – Yeah. It’s illegal now. – In reflecting on it I was like, you know what? I grew as a person because of that. And even more importantly, it
would make a great episode of Good Mythical Morning. – Yes it would. – So it’s time to play ♫ Underwear oh wear ♫ Can my ♫ Undies be ♫ Attached to a scary ♫ Wedgie machine – Alright, in this game
of Wedgie Man, it’s a lot like Hang Man. There is a word slash phrase
up here and Link and I have no idea what it is. – Yeah. – We each get a turn of guessing a letter. If the letter is not up there,
then the wedgie-cutioner – Will
– Oh. – Turn this crank. I don’t know who these guys are. We just brought ’em in from the street. They had underwear on their heads. – Right. You’ll be perfect for this. – And every guess if you decide
you’re gonna guess the whole thing, if you get that
wrong you also get a crank. – And when you get it right,
the other person, you win and the other person gets cranked. – Gets a crank, yeah. – Then we move on to the next ’til somebody’s totally cranked! – Yes. (rock music)
(creaking) – Okay, Rhett. Would you like to go first, you’re taller. – (laughing) Hey. That worked again. (laughs) I’d like to buy an S. Do I buy them?
– You buy vowels in a show that’s not this one. – You don’t have to buy anything. I’m just going to give it to you. – Okay, I guess S. (bell dings) – Look at that. Only one? – Only one. – You’re kidding. – Okay, I’ll take a T. (bell dings) T. T something S. Another T, yeah. – Wait, I’m not done. – Wow. Link with the big guess, the big guesser. What? (pleasurable music) – Okay, now. – Do I get to go again? – Nope. – E. (bell dings) – Test. – What? What? No cranks yet, man. We’ve watched a lot of Wheel of Fortune. – I’ll take an A. (bell dings)
Yeah. Lots a letters, no crankin’. ♫ Want to not get a wedgie today – R. (bell dings) – Test, somethin’ somethin’ R. I’d like to solve the puzzle. – Oh, I know what it is now! – Link. – Testicular vertitrae. (buzzes) (laughs) – Crank him! (menacing music)
(clanking) – Okay. Alright, it’s starting to move but. – You know what it is? – Either guess or do the letter? – Correct. – Testicular fortitude. – Correct.
(bell rings) – (laughing) Yes! – A crank for Link. – Yeah! Crank it up, son! – I’m starting to feel a little tension in the nether region. – Testicular fortitude
is you’re going to need. (rock music)
(creaking) – Alright. Rhett you are the winner of
that round but who will win this round, Link? – Me, thank you, yes. Me. – You can go first. (laughs)
– Four words I’m gonna guess an R. (bell dings) – [Stevie] One R. – Hm, goin’ light on the R’s. – T. (bell dings) Oh. – O. (bell dings) – What? A. (bell dings) (pleasurable music) (crew chuckles) – H. – Oh, no H. – (laughing) Ha!
– Ah! (menacing music)
(clanking) There it is. – You gettin’ some tension over there? – Just, yeah. I’m gettin’ some tension. – N. – No N. – Oh!
– Crank him. (menacing music)
– Oh, hey, hey. Oh. I can tell where that’s goin’. – Look at that ART.
– Yeah. – L. (bell dings) (pleasurable music) – [Stevie] That was a good one, Link. – Oh! (laughs) Dude, I mean, I gotta do this. – Oh, gosh. – I gotta do it. – Dang it! – Paul Blart Mall Cop. (bell rings)
(crew laughs) – Crank him! That’s the interesting thing
about the way were playing. It’s not like Wheel of Fortune
where you guess the letter, you ask it by guessing a great
letter, you throw it back to the other guy. I mean.
– Yeah. – I mean, we made the rules. (rock music)
(creaking) – Alright, I think you guys
are doing a little bit too well at this game.
– Yeah. – So we’re gonna make things
a little bit more difficult. – Uh-oh.
– And by difficult I mean in the nether regions, in the behind. We’re gonna double crank this. – Double crank? – So every letter you miss.
– So you can catch up! – We’re double cranking. – Okay, alright. – Rhett to you. – T. – No T. (yells) No!
– Double crank! (yells) Oh, no, no! No! Wedgie-cutioner, be easy on me. – I think we’re even now in terms of cranks.
– Yeah. I just caught up. – A. (bell dings) – First one, A. – R. (bell dings) – S. – There are no S’s. (buzzes) (groans)
(laughs) (menacing music)
(clanks) – There it goes. (laughs) How you feelin’?
(yells) – It’s startin’ to
– Wedge? – Traverse into the crack. – Yeah, that’s the idea. Okay, I’m gonna go with E. (bell dings) – [Link] Ooo. – Oh. – I can’t concentrate ’cause
of the tension in my crackage. C. (bell dings) Yeah. – What? K? (bell dings) – You were thinking there was a… Oh, there is. (laughs) – What is this?
– But I have no idea what. (grumbles) (laughs) – Come on, I gotta be able to get this. I gotta give him the cranks. (laughs) Do you know it? – I know the second word. – I know the second word I think. But I don’t know the first word. (grunts) I’m gonna use some strategy here. – Okay. – V. – (laughing) No. (laughs)
(buzzes) – Strategy. – What is? – I don’t… (screams) – How’s that strategy feelin’? (crew laughs) What kind of strategy was that, man? – You said you didn’t know
the first word, I wasn’t gonna give you something to help you. – Oh, I’m gonna go with a N? – Mhm. (bell dings) – Give me an N up here, please. Shoot. (laughs) – How ’bout a V, Link? (laughs) – So you didn’t help me on
the first word either is what I’m sayin’. – Yeah, right. – I’m gonna take a wedge. – Oh, come on, man. – I can’t guess. – You can guess this
letter and see what it is. – I don’t wanna give you that letter. If it’s in both of them.
– You may not. You may not, man. – O. (bell dings) Okay, good. (crew laughs) – Apple knocker? – Yes! (bell rings)
(laughs) – Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t crank yet! Do not crank yet! What the crap is an apple knocker? – I don’t know what an apple knocker is. – Makin’ up a freakin’ word. – It’s someone who gets… – [Kevin] It’s someone who picks apples. – Yeah. (laughs) – An apple knocker.
– Its’ someone who gets wedged up some more! Crank that apple knocker up! – I need a number! I need to see that on
Wikipedia or something. (yells) – Let’s see it, Link, let’s see it. What have we got goin’ on? – [Crew] Oh! – Oh, yeah. (laughs) – You wore a big pair today. (laughs) You wore a big pair today. (rock music)
(creaking) – Okay, guys. Link how are you doing?
– Not good, let’s play the game. – (laughing) Okay. Go ‘head. – E!
– Apple knocker. – E! (laughs)
(bell dings) Shut up, apple knocker. I’m on my tippie toes here. – Oh, okay. Well, that was a good guess, Link. R. – No.
(buzzes) – Oh, come on! – Crank him! (menacing music)
(clanks) – Long, slow crank. That’s one crank. – That was two cranks. It feels like two cranks.
– Alright. Sounded like one crank. It looks like one, two cranks. – Link? – M. (bell dings) – The second word is me. That’s my turn, okay. S. (bell dings) Hm, hm. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. Ooo! Oh! – J. (laughs) – What? – Oh, no, no, Link. (buzzes) (crew laughs) – Why you gonna guess a J, man? (yells) – [Stevie] Oh, no. – I’m ripping. – We’ve got rippage. Keep your head away from it, Link. – Yeah, I’m concerned. – Okay. Okay. That’s a wedgie. – Bring me back to my high school.
– That’s a wedgie. – Freshman year. (groans) – Oh, no. – N. – No, N.
(buzzes) – Yeah, crank him! Crank!
– Oh! Oh! Oh. Oh.
(crew laughs) Oh. Oh. – I’ll take a U. – Mm.
(bell dings) (groans) – U, that’s all? – That’s all. – B? – No. (buzzes)
(laughs) – Oh, god, oh. Oh, oh. Oh! (yells) – [Link] Crank it! – Whoa. There’s some rippage. – What you got? – I got a wedgie, man. (laughs) – I’mma go with an L. – No L.
(buzzes) (crew laughs) – Oh. Oh! (clanking)
(menacing music) (yells) – Okay. Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Support yourself. (crew laughs) – What’s happenin’ back there? – I’m gonna go with an A. – Mhm. (bell dings) – Oh yeah (laughs). Woo! (pleasurable music) (laughs) That’s a look of desperation, man. He’s like, (groans). – T! (bell dings) – [Stevie] Okay. – What? – Catch me outside, how ’bout dat? (bell rings)
(yells) Crank him! Crank him! Crank that fool! (laughs) Yeah! Crank him!
(groans) (menacing music)
(clanks) – Oh, oh, oh, oh. Oh, Link. (grunts) (yells) (clapping) – Thanks for liking,
commenting and subscribing! – You know what time it is! (groans) – Hi, I’m Jacob. – And I’m Catherine. – And we’re in Virginia. – [Both] And it’s time to
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