let’s talk a quick about how to add pages to your website and thereby
create the navigation system for your website now before you do this it’s a really
good idea to come up with you information architecture or that’s a fancy way of saying decide
what pages you want and how they’re going to be organized because usually what you wanna have is a
navigation has around 5 main top-level pages like the five pages that will go here my nav
bar and if you have more they should be able to be grouped in
those five top level pages and have drop down menus, Weebly assume that you’re not having a massive
huge website like amazon.com or target.com if you
do have a website like that then it’s probably more than Weebly can
handle now Weebly, you can have unlimited pages but
remember that we’re trying to create web sites that are very easy for people to
use so again the acceptable or generally acceptable number of top-level items is 5 if you have 4 if you have
6 and you really have a need for those that’s
absolutely okay but try not to go over that, so lets go to
pages and I know I always want to have a home
page and you can decide if it should be hidden from the page navigation but I’m
going to create all of these in navigation for right now you can choose what kind of layout it’ll
be, so if I want my home page to be a splash page which I don’t generally like but if you
had a reason for splash page like maybe you have a coupon for this month or you having a big sale or maybe your
businesses close for a month due to construction or what not you might want to create one on those
pages but for right now I’m just gonna leave the layout the way they are, and I want all of my pages to be public but I can also do anyone with a site
password or specific members or groups and in
advanced settings is something that we’re definitely gonna talk about when
we get into search engine optimization and how we can make sure that this site
is found on Google and other search engines for so for right now which one to create
the pages so I know I wanna have a home page, once I have my homepage created I’ll click add and I wanna do standard page now
blog pages is where you know kinda journal entries this is
where you can write a blog is essentially online journal and it can be
about whatever you want and those are pages that are handled or organize a
little bit differently if you wanna store page then you can
definitely add a store page and if you want an external link like you
wanted this site to go to or this link on your navigation bar to go to an
outside site you can do that here, for now I just
wanted to do a standard page and here’s my new page, I’m to give it a name
so this one I’m going to call it about me, about Jessica, or about, or about us or whatever
I want to call it, so I’ll just do a generic about and I’m not going to worry about any in
this different stuff I just wanna create my navigation right now so I’m gonna do another standard page and
this one I wanna call portfolio and this is going to show all the
different work that I have created and I definitely want to have a contact
page so that people can get ahold me and then
I’ll do you maybe a external link and this time I
want it to go to my outside MCC page where that my official
program page so official MCC page so this is where I can type multimedia mcc.com and I wanna open it up
in a new tab so that it keeps this website open
and the new website open in its own tab so then I can choose the order I want
these to appear in so I probably want the about or the
portfolio to come right after home and the about come after that then contact
and then my official MCC page let’s go back to build and you’ll notice
now that in my navigation area I have 5 different pages on my site now if I go back in the pages I have
a lot of different kinds or of areas and design and I want to
have a portfolio for my graphic design a portfolio for my web design and a
portfolio for my video and animation so this is because they’re all portfolio’s they can be underneath this main
portfolio so I can go ahead and add a new page
it’s going to be a standard page and this new page is gonna be called
graphic design and now I want to actually put
underneath portfolio and notice if I put it right underneath
it so that their equal when I go back to build graphic
design is now on that top-level and that is not
what I wanted so go back two pages grab that graphic
design in notice when I can move it around
there’s a point where it actually snaps kinda underneath portfolio or as indented button of portfolio and that’s going to
create a drop down menu so I can go ahead and add a new standard
page and I can call this web design and drag this up underneath their and then I can add another one called video and animation and drag that underneath, so let’s go back to
build and now you can see that the portfolio actually has a drop down menu and then
we have our about contacting a official MCC page so that’s as easy as it is to make pages and create
navigation in Weebly so when I go back two pages you can keep
doing the same thing let’s say graphic design I wanted to add a specific page for
logo’s and i can drag that and noticed I can
create a flyout menu off of graphic design as
well so I can create another standard page for let’s
say Flyers and drag that underneath and now when I go back and I go to
portfolio graphic design now has this arrow off of it
because I can go to portfolio that features just my logos
just my flyers etc if you want to delete a page
because I think this is a little bit much I can click on this page delete it copy
or save or edit it, so I’ll just delete that page and
click on flyers and delete that page and there we go that’s the basic of
adding pages to your site now for each one of these I can decide what kinda layout I want
so for my portfolio page I actually don’t
wanna have a header because this is going to be just straight images all the way
around so for all those different portfolio
pages I can do no header and then the About page maybe I wanna do
a landing page has a picture me and a little blurb or maybe my favorite quote and then the contact page I want to do maybe a
short header that kinda has a fun design at the top and I can’t change the layout of a
official MCC page because that’s a outside page and then my homepage I just want to tall
header because that’s where I’m going to have my slideshow, so now If I come back to build
I can click on home you could see this large page click on portfolio and notice it doesn’t
have that large image it really doesn’t have anything
because I wanted to be perfectly empty on my About page I have a headline where I can have this picture behind it
so maybe I want a picture of me designing or teaching or what not contact page has a shorter header and then the official in MCC page even tho I
try to click it doesn’t go anywhere once I publish it actually gonna go to
that outside site so in the next video were going to talk about how to change your Weebly site settings