Hello, everyone! In this video I am going to be showing you
how to set up the Learning Outside the Classroom page in your Weebly ePortfolio. So, the first that we need to do is is we
need to go to the Learning Outside the Classroom page. We can access that either by clicking on Learning
Outside the Classroom or by going to Pages and clicking on Learning Outside the Classroom;
both will take us to the same page. I’m going to click on Build. And, in this video I am actually not going
to show you what goes on this page because it’s up to you what you put on this page. I’m going to show you a few examples, though,
of good Learning Outside the Classroom pages that you could model your ePortfolio after. Feel free to use any one of these elements. Use Titles, Text, Images, Galleries, Slideshows,
YouTube videos, whatever you would like to customize this page and make it your own. So, the first one I want to show is there
was this woman named Amanda Howland and show has a great Learning Outside the Classroom
page. She’s included trips that she has gone on,
she’s used many of her own images that she took while she was on her trip. She wrote a lot about each one of those things
that she likes to do. You can feel free to do as much as you want
with your Learning Outside the Classroom. The other example I would like to show is
from this woman named Luciana, I’ll go to her Outside the Classroom page and she went
above and beyond on her Learning Outside the Classroom page. It looks wonderful. So, what she likes to do is Indoor Gardening,
Interior Design, and Culinary and Bakery Arts. And you can actually see she some of her own
photography, but she went beyond this. She made individual pages for each thing that
she does outside the classroom. So, we could go to Indoor Gardening and you
can see all that she wrote and included of everything that she does outside of school. I’ll show you another one of hers, Interior
Design. The same thing; completely customized the
page and showed who she really is and what she does outside of school on this page. Feel free to include anything that you’d like
on Learning Outside the Classroom. Things that you could include may be traveling
that you’ve done, hobbies, interests of yours, internships, service that you do in your community,
all of that could go on your Learning Outside the Classroom page. Feel free to have some fun! And, I hope this video has been helpful for
you and I will see you all in the next video.