Hello, everyone! In this video I am going
to be showing you how to navigate the theme menu within your Weebly ePortfolio. A lot
of people don’t know that these features are available to them and I’m going to walk you
through each one of how to be able to change the theme, fonts, and style of your website
on Weebly. So, up here in this menu next to Build and Pages you’re going to click on Theme.
It’s going to pull up Change Theme, Change Fonts, and Change Background. I’ll walk you
through each one. Change Theme is the theme that you chose when you first created your
website. You can actually change the entire theme of your website if you’d like. If you’re
saying, “You know, I want a different look for my website,” you can go to a completely
different theme and it will transfer all of your work over to your new looking website;
it’s the same website. I’m going to click on Choose so I can show you what happens.
It transfers all of my work over and I also have a few more options with this particular
theme. I can change some of the colors. Right now it’s set to this blue color. I can change
it to orange, I can change it to red, to green; it’s up to you. It changes the overall look
of your website. I am going to go back to the original theme that I had. You can always
go back and change it so I’m back to here. I’ll go back to the Theme so I can show you
the next button that says Change Fonts. You can change the fonts and the size of fonts
throughout your entire Weebly site. I’ll show you how this works. As you hover you mouse
over each one of these you’ll see a blue box pop up around each element that it will be
changing. Right here is the Navigation Menu, the Site Title, Headlines, Sub-Headlines,
you can change all of these things. So if you were to click on Paragraph titles and
change the settings of paragraph titles it would change the paragraph titles throughout
your entire Weebly site. You don’t need to individually go and edit each one. You can
change the fonts. Right here they have a wide variety of fonts that you can choose from.
You can change the size of the font, the color of the font, whether it’s all uppercase or
lowercase, I can change this. It’s entirely up to you of what you put on your Weebly ePortfolio.
I am also going to show you Change Background. That is how you would change this image right
here. I will go into more detail of how to change the cover photo for your Weebly ePortfolio
in another video. But, that is how you would navigate the Theme menu. Feel free to play
around and make your website as individualized as you would like. I hope this video has been
helpful for you and I will see you all in the next video.