Hello, everyone! In this video I am going
to be showing you how to upload a downloadable file to your Weebly ePortfolio. Now this can
be useful so that it makes it possible for your teacher to be able to download your assignment
if they would like to. To do this, we go to Build so that we have the elements that we
can add to our ePortfolio, go to the class page where you would like to upload this assignment,
and scroll down to Media and you’ll see this box called File. Grab this file and pull it
over and it’s going to look like this. Click where it says Click Here to Upload File, click
on Upload File, Upload a File from Your Computer, and find the corresponding assignment that
you would like to upload to your ePortfolio. I’m going to click on This is an Example and
click on Open, and I have now uploaded this PDF file to my ePortfolio. You can make this
look a little bit nicer instead of having all of these underscores. You can click on
it and it will pull up this menu, highlight the file name right here, and you can rewrite
it so it looks a little bit nicer, and click away and you’ll see that it looks a little
bit nicer. I do need to give you a warning, though. DO NOT leave only this file on your
class page. That kind of eliminates the purpose of an ePortfolio which is to showcase your
work and show how your work connects to each other. This creates what is called a “File
Dump.” So, you’ll want to put this on your ePortfolio, but you don’t want this to be
the only thing that you put on your ePortfolio. Include the text from your assignment, images,
and slideshows. But, this is how you would upload a downloadable file to your ePortfolio.
I hope this video has been helpful and I will see you all in the next video.