Hello, everyone! In this video I am going
to be showing you how to upload a PowerPoint presentation to your Weebly ePortfolio. Now,
this one can be a little bit tricky, but I will walk you through it. We aren’t able to
put your PowerPoint directly onto your ePortfolio. The best thing that we can do is save your
PowerPoint presentation as individual images and upload that as a slideshow to your ePortfolio.
So, what you’re going to do is you’re going to open up your PowerPoint presentation. I’m
using a Mac computer; it will look just a little bit different on your Windows computer,
but it’s essentially the same thing. You’re going to click on File, Save As, and it’s
going to open up this menu. You’re going to change the file format to JPEG. Click on Save
and it’s going to open up this thing that says is it okay that I just saved all of these
slides as individual pictures, and you says sure, click on Okay. We are not going to go
back to your Weebly ePortfolio and you’re going to grab a slideshow. Pull that over
and let go, and it’s going to open up the Choose a Slideshow Style. I’m going to leave
this on Simple Slideshow and click on Continue. Click on Upload Photos from Your Computer
and you are going to find that file that PowerPoint made with all of your images. It’s going to
have all the pictures here. We’re going to select them all at the same time and click
on Open, and it’s going to upload all of the slides of your slideshow onto your ePortfolio.
If these are ever out of order you can always rearrange them. Just click and drag it to
the correct place if you need it to a different order. I’ll move it back. If you missed a
slide of your slideshow when you were first selecting them click on Add Photo and you
can go back and add the slides that you missed. Click on Save and there is your PowerPoint
presentation! The next thing that we want to include is the downloadable file for your
teacher incase they want to download your PowerPoint. Click on File, this box right
here, drag it underneath your slideshow and click where it says Click Here to Upload File.
Click on Upload File, Upload a File from Your Computer, and you are going to find that slideshow,
and click on Open. There is your downloadable file of your PowerPoint presentation. I hope
this video has been helpful for you and I will see you all in the next video.