Hello, everyone! In this video I am going
to be showing you how to upload a Word document to your Weebly ePortfolio. This one is pretty
easy. I have right here a word document that is clearly an example. I am going to go back
to my Weebly ePortfolio and what you are going to do is grab a Title box, pull that down,
let go, and in that title box you are going to write the title of your assignment. So,
I’m just going to write This is an Example. To center text, just go to this menu that
it goes to when you’re typing and click on center [alignment], go here, go down, click
on center [alignment]. I’m going to grab a divider and put it underneath my title and
then I’m going to grab a text box. What you’re going to do now is go back to your word document
of your assignment, and you’re just going to copy all of this content. Highlight it,
right click, Copy, go back to your ePortfolio, click in the box, right click, Paste. It is
going to paste all of your text right into your assignment. Some people are a little
hesitant to copy and paste their assignment right into their ePortfolio, but that is far
more engaging than a downloadable document file. What I would also recommend is including
at least one image for this text box. Just put it inside the text box and you can upload
a relevant photo of your choosing. I would also include at the bottom a downloadable
file underneath your copy and pasted text. So, grab this File box and put it underneath
your text. Click on Click Here to Upload File, click on Upload File, Upload a File from Your
Computer, and find the corresponding assignment, and click on Open. And there is my Word document!
If you would like to make it look a little bit nicer instead of having all of these underscores
just click there and you can highlight this text in this menu that pops up and you can
rewrite it so it looks nicer. And click away and you’ll see that it looks a little bit
nicer. And that is how you would put a Word document on your Weebly ePortfolio. I hope
this has been helpful for you and I’ll see you all in the next video.