let’s take a quick look at the Weebly
user interface and then were going to dive into specific
areas and build our actual website so when you first log into Weebly and
click on the edit button to edit your particular
website you’re gonna come to this screen or something pretty similar sometimes
they do updates, so you might see something a little bit different depending on how old this video is when
you watch it, but when we come here we have a generic page to start with and then we have our tools gallery on
the left this is where we can click each one on the tools that we want
to add to our page and drag it drop it and then start editing it, we also have this menu bar up here so we can go to different areas of our
website and then we kind of have some management tools up here so let’s start with these the menu on the
far right hand side if you click on it you can go back to
the page where you can see all the sites that you have associated with your Weebly account,
you can see your site statistics again this is going to tell you how many
people have been to your website last day, month, year whenever, how long they stay on there
what page they go to etc so that’s really good information for you to
have so that you can make more changes to
your site or see more areas they find the most helpful
so it’s good to always look at your site statistics and make some conclusions based on those stats then we can go to domains and this is if you have more than one website and they’re all in Weebly kind of
go manage your domains there and you can exit the editor and that’s
going to take you back to the Weebly account area so that you can kinda
manage that stuff publish the site means that you can make
your changes go live this site hasn’t been published at all
yet so this is gonna actually make my site go live since I haven’t really built anything yet I’m not going to push that then we have our desktop view what will
it look like when somebody’s visiting our website
from a desktop or you know a TV well it should look this way but when we click on the mobile
view it should look an entirely different way
because mobile web sites are a lot more condensed, so how’s this
gonna look like on a phone how’s it going to look like on an iPad etc and you will want to change or rearrange or delete some things for the mobile
version so that it’s more streamlined version of your site so for now we’re going to work on the
desktop view more just stay there and then you have the help menu and it’s
a little question mark icon and they there a ton of tutorial videos and help
resources in the support site for Weebly, I highly
recommend that and then you have site planner which helps you
go through the steps to building a site and this is really good if you’re doing
it on your own so make sure to check that out then we have our overall site settings and we’re gonna go over this with
fine-tooth comb through out these videos but this is where its controlling the
entire site so I don’t want my site to be called
my site I want it to called jessica edington portfolio so whatever your site
title is and then we can change a bunch of these
other settings but we’ll talk about those in a later video you can also go to your store page and
this is where you can manage your products and payments and all that good stuff pages where you can add a bunch of more pages to your
site obviously your site may have more than one page and this is where you manage those pages decide what
they look like can they be seen by the public are the
private and what kinda advanced settings do they have this is where your
navigation is built so if we go to design this is where you can choose your theme
and Weebly is really great about letting you change your theme and It’ll adapt your content for
that new theme, so you can try a bunch of different themes here you can
change your change out different scheme colors so it doesn’t look like
anything happened here but the more elements I add you would see some
different colors and then you can even do cut custom HTML
and CSS most the time you probably won’t know
what that is but if you do each the amount CSS in you know that information and this is were you can kinda come customize your website and then the build is probably where your going to stay most of the time in fact you’re probably gonna do building pages most
you build a bunch of pages or go to pages, create them and then
come into build and you”ll actually build each page with all of its different elements, up here is were you can see what package you’re using right now for the site and you can upgrade it, if you want to you
or you can compare the plans and if you come here and you realize
that there are some features that you can’t access because maybe you
have a starter or free plan then you need to make sure to
come here and upgrade your site if it’s something
you really need that’s the basics a the Weebly interface now let’s go ahead and start building
our actual pages