Vegan burgers with millet and mushrooms Ingredients in the description below. A half cup of millet. Rinse under cold water. Then rinse under hot water. Boil a glass of water. Put the millet in boiling water. Simmer, covered, do not stir. When the millet absorbs all the water, then it will be ready. Chop the onion into cubes. Olive oil. Oregano. 250 g mushrooms, peel and wash. Transfer the cooked millet into a bowl. Grate the mushrooms on a grater. Add mushrooms to onion. Salt. Black pepper. Marjoram. Roast 100 g pumpkin seeds in a dry pan. Chop the leek very finely. Add mushrooms with onions to millet. Toasted pumpkin seeds. Chopped leek. 1 teaspoon of salt. Some more pepper. Some more marjoram. And possibly some spice for minced chops. Mix with the spoon. Blending. Roll the burgers in breadcrumbs. Olive oil. Bon appétit!