what i look for new technical writer is
someone who’s really curious about the world someone’s well-read uh… if you
don’t like to read you have no business being a writer uh… also someone with a interesting
mix of arrogance and humility because you have to be arrogant enough
to to hold your own with some really really
smart people who are going to test you and and push your buttons uh… and you’ve got to be humble enough to
never try to pretend to know something you don’t uh… to always use your ignorance as a tool for learning more and doing a really good job for the
people who need up to date information on how to use this new technology because they’re not experts in the
subject matter either technical skills are secondary to
writing skills and the ability to get information from
others and have empathy for people who uh… are struggling with a difficult
complex tool that they don’t know how to use