Welcome back friends, Myself Praveen. We are learning about Twitter’s topics. So, what are these Twitter topics? It is
actually a new future, which Twitter is yet to launch. However, we can still have a sneak peek about it. We can have an early look into it, and learn what it is exactly? how to use this feature? I mean this feature is already being
shown on Twitter’s menu section. As you can see, there is a ‘lists’ tab and just below, you can find ‘topics’. I am going to click on topics, right now you will not be able to see
anything here. Because twitter is yet to come up with hot trending topics that are relevant to you. However, you can choose them based on your personal interests. What you need to do is, Click on your Twitter data, as
you can find the bottom section they have clearly mentioned, stay up to date and see twitter topics you follow which are most relevant. Make twitter yours, see the most relevant tweets, people, events, ads share your interests people can see the topics you follow. So you need to click on Twitter data link and you will be
directed to your account history apps devise an information account
activity and, this is the option you need to click on ‘interest’ and
add. Let’s click on this one, you will have to click on the first option
which is interest from Twitter. We will be shown a list of interest
probably which may not be relevant to you, but you can customize your interests alphabetically you can see trending hashtags at the beginning, which is #Fridayfeeling #happyFriday
#motivationSaturday #motivationTuesday #thankGodisFriday, action sports,
advertising there are so many interests. If you find anything matches check such interests which is shown in an alphabetical manner. Because twitter is testing. Now what you can do is to have an early stage of experience you you can select your interests whichever you wish to see, for example, I would be interested in motivation Saturday I
would check into and then I would be interested in advertising I would check
into and the remaining I will uncheck everything, like this you can choose
and you can custom your interest probably Twitter is going to show topics
according to your interests what you choose here so this is a new feature which you can have an experience early Now, I’ll go back to that previous menu and I’ll click on the next option which is inferred-interest from
partners, so right now you will not see anything here so we’ll see the other one
which is tailored to the audience so like again an option that you can
explore further. Hope you like this video thanks for watching this video on twitter topic, keep visiting, to watch relevant videos, subscribe to my channel simpleample