Hello! This is a short introduction video
to outline the important role Class Representatives play in making sure the University
works for us, students. As a Class Rep you are chosen from a course,
a year group or a programme with the responsibility to represent students’ opinions
and suggestions to the University. This is a very important task as you are able
to make real changes to your courses and shape the experiences of your fellow students. On a practical level, as a class rep you will
meet with your coursemates or make contact online to discuss any issues with
the course and how it is run. Once you have gathered these opinions, you
will attend University meetings, where we discuss the student feedback with staff
and help to identify solutions to improve the course. Online distance learning class reps will meet
with staff virtually through online forums. Courses at the University are also informed
by feedback forms and periodic reviews, and so as a class rep you carry a lot of
weight in making positive changes and have the power to shape the university experience
for the better. The class rep scheme is run by Edinburgh University
Students’ Association, known as EUSA, which is on hand to provide support
throughout the year. As well as training sessions, EUSA runs online discussions
and offers Class Rep lunches, where you can find out more about the University,
meet other Class Reps and senior members of staff and be trained in valuble
skills like public speaking and negotiation. EUSA also helps to organise School Council
meetings where you can meet other Class Reps within your School and start projects to improve
the way your entire school runs. As a Class Rep, you are part of a network
of over 1300 students across the University, and
also of a bigger picture of student representation – the University is committed to
us having students on committees at all levels of the organisation, making decisions
on individual courses right up to university-wide policies. You can find out more about the support and
other information in the Class Rep Hub on the EUSA