what’s the gender I know this one gender is when rich people move into poor neighborhoods and make it too expensive for the poor people to live there so they have to move no you’re thinking gentrification gender is really a tall spotted mammal with a really long neck and a gross tongue no that’s a giraffe and then there is the type of subject matter you like in books and movies like I’m really into sight by gender but my mom is a much bigger fan of the true crime gender your talk you’re thinking of genre gender is a robot ninja from overwatch no you thinking Genji gender is an entity that comes out of a lamp you’re thinking of a genie gender is a male goose you’re thinking of gander Pal gender is the father of shinji on neon genesis evangelion you’re thinking of kendo genders giant turtle monster from those movies or he’s a friend to all children and causes property damage you’re thinking of Chimaera gender is the decorative stuff the chest is put in food to make it look fancy no that’s garlic gender is the final evolution of gastly now that’s Gengar gender is a race of people from a country in Europe that was involved in both world wars you mean German gender is the person who plays a lot of video games you’re thinking of a gamer ganders is the first book of the Old Testament that’s Genesis gender is an officer of high rank in the army no that’s a general gender is a place where you plan and tend to vegetables herbs and flowers no thoughts our garden gender is a state of matter geez I’m afraid that’s gasps my good friend and I’m pretty sure my mom said gender is the thing that slices cheese nope that’s greater gender is the leader of the Indian independence movement in British rule India no gender is a fiction European countries in the Princess Diaries and no that’s Genovia gender is the fictional island turned into a mutant kingdom ruled by magneto in the x-men comics universe that’s Kenosha genders definitely that character from Lord of the Rings I press all the time you’re thinking of golem gender is the most popular search engine on the internet with subsidiaries like YouTube and Gmail no silly that’s Google gender is these microscopic entities and hand sanitizer fights I’m afraid of thinking of germs kiddo gender is a file format that allows for an animated image and causes many disputes over whether is pronounced with a hard G or a soft G I think what you mean is gifs gender is the baby food brand known for having a small human face for a logo