This is Tumblr. It’s a streaming scrapbook of texts, photos, videos and audio clips. You could say it’s a cross between
a blog and a Twitter feed. Okay, so Tumblr can be a great outlet for
creative teams who want to share cool things they discover and follow others
with similar interests. Posts are often shared or reblogged from one Tumblr blog to another. Many teens like and in fact want their posts reblogged. Users also don’t have to use their real names so you can stay fairly
anonymous on Tumblr. But, and this is a big but, Tumblr posts are public by
default and there’s only one privacy option and it’s only available on their
website. There you can turn off the option that allows people to find your
blogs through your email address. While this is a small step towards protecting your teen’s privacy it’s not so great if you want to follow their posts.Plus as
cool as Tumblr is, mature content is easy to find and impossible to restrict. For more advice on the latest social media apps visit us at