MATT CUTTS: Today’s question
comes from Mumbai, India. The question is, I
predict that in the future Google will penalize
guest blogging sites. Any insights on guest
blogging as spam? So it’s funny, because each
time we record Webmaster videos, it’s several months
or so in between. And you can see the skepticism
toward guest blogging growing from the questions
each time we do it. Whenever I answer the question
way back in the sands of time, I would say, well, I’m
working on the assumption that you got high-quality
guest bloggers, people whose words you
really, really trust. But it’s clear from the way
that people are talking about it that there’s a lot of
low-quality guest blogger sites. And there’s a lot of low-quality
guest blogging going on. And any time people are
automating that or abusing that or really trying to
make a bunch of links without doing the
sort of hard work that would really earn
links on the basis of merit or because they’re
editorial, then it’s safe to assume that
Google will take a closer look at that. So I wouldn’t
recommend that you make it your only way
of gathering links. I wouldn’t recommend
that you send out thousands of blast emails
offering to guest blog. I wouldn’t recommend
that you guest blog with the same article
on two different blogs. I wouldn’t recommend
that you take one article and spin it lots of times. There’s definitely a
lot of abuse and growing spam that we see in the
guest blogging space. So regardless of the
spam technique people are using from month
to month, we’re always looking at
what sort of things are starting to be
more and more abused. And we’re always willing
to respond to that and take the appropriate
action to make sure that users get the best
set of search results.