– So, since my stoma surgery, I have made quite a few videos about it but I noticed a trend in some comments, such as, WTF is a stoma? I can’t seem to understand where the stoma is
located inside the body. When you first talked about the stoma, I didn’t really know what it looked like. I would have thought it
had a piece, plastic, or some kind of valve with a threaded or connectable feature which
the bag is attached to. I didn’t realise it’s just an opening with a bag literally plastered over it. Kind of makes me wonder how the function could change to where the bag attached differently and is more plug and play. Being ignorant on the topic, is there a specific reason
you’ve been informed about as to why the stoma
doesn’t have a feature like this, where the bag can attach mechanically and/or some kind of fashion
that isn’t so tasking? I’m not sure what you mean
by plug and play (laughs). There are two piece bags which have, like, a more
mechanical attachment. I don’t know and it’s not
about tasking to be honest. And so, I literally don’t
understand the concept. Is there a hole in your stomach? And what the hell is a stoma,
am I missing something? So, I thought I would
answer your questions by showing you my stoma. Her name’s Mona. Please be nice, okay? We’re gonna cut to me in the bathroom and then we’re gonna come
back and have a chat. She was not active at
all whilst I was filming, so don’t worry, there is
no poo in these clips. She was very well behaved. Even if there was, I probably
would have edited it out, so you would have nothing to worry about. So, my stoma is my small intestine that is sticking out of my body and that’s what you’re about to see. Dun-dun-daa. Hello, welcome to my bathroom. So, I have just taken off my old bag and cleaned my stoma and here we go. Dun-dun-dun-daa. Internet, meet Mona. Mona, meet Internet. I have like the wipes around my underwear and in my hand, just in case she starts being active but she’s been well-behaved
this change so far. But yeah, there we go. She is bright red. She is moist and there
are no nerve endings, so I can like touch it and
I don’t feel that at all. It’s really squishy. Definitely been getting used to it and the change is
getting a lot easier now, like I’ve kind of, I’ve got a system. I’ve got a routine. Yeah, there we go. Bow-bow-bow-bow-bow. Here’s my scar. This is pretty much the full length of it. Also, I don’t know if you can tell but my belly button is
now, like, at a diagonal. My belly button has entirely changed shape because of the way that
they are cut around it. I also have a little scar
here, whicch was where I had my wound drainage tube in, which was like a long, yellow,
corrugated plastic tube and that took forever to heal. So, it’s scarred a little bit. It’s really weird, I was contemplating whether or not to do this
and one of the reasons was I was like, oh, maybe not is because it feels really intimate like I’m showing you my genitals and then when I think about it, I’m actually showing you my bumhole. This is my new bumhole. So, there’s that. Right. Because she’s being well behaved before it all gets too wild, I’m gonna put a new bag on, yay! Oh, the other thing I forgot to mention is that she, like, moves
and changes size and shape and you can kind of just watch it happen. She wasn’t really doing it then. That’s why I forgot to mention it but yeah, she kind of, I don’t know, you can see her just go (humming), which is very strange and quite
fun to watch, to be honest. Right, there we go. That’s all stuck on and now I
just hold it down for a bit, make sure that adhesive is all stuck and at the moment, I’m changing
my bag every other day, which is what the stoma nurses recommended when I was in hospital. My new stoma nurse has said every day but I can’t be bothered with that and I’ve also heard that some people change theirs every three
days or once a week. So, I have no idea. Maybe it depends like what
kind of stoma you have and what kind of bag you have. But every other day seems
to be working fine for me. Yeah. There we go. And then there’s this
little see through bit here, so I can kind of keep an eye on her, make sure everything is grand. There we go. You’re welcome. So, I thought I would
take this opportunity to do a bit of a health
recovery update as well because a lot of other
new things have happened. Yay, my body being gross again. I am gonna talk about some gross things. I don’t know, gross? Yeah, probably. So, if you’re squeamish at all or just don’t want to hear
about weird bodily functions then maybe don’t listen but if you’re curious, then
blease do keep watching. (laughs) Blease? Blease do, blease do. I made notes so I don’t forget anything. Huurm. The main thing, the main thing. So, when they did my surgery, they took out the whole colon
but they left my rectum. Now, by leaving my rectum, that means that I am eligible for potential future surgery
called J-pouch surgery which would reverse the stoma and fashion a new system
out of what I have left. I’m not making any decisions
about that surgery just yet but basically, I have a rectum and one of the risks of
still having a rectum is that I could get inflammation there. Ulcerative colitis could
show its nasty head in my bum and guess what? That just happened. You know, you’d think that I’d had enough for one year, but no. My body is still torturing me. I digress, I digress. We need to rewind a bit. One of the things that your rectum does is it produces a mucus
which helps lubricate the poo coming out. Now, my rectum does not
realise that there is no poo coming out but it still
produces the mucus. So, I’ve mentioned it before, I get these phantom poo feelings and basically, my IBD nurse was like, next time you get some of those feelings, if it’s not going away,
try sitting on the toilet because you might pass some mucus. And I was like, I’m sorry, what? No one told me about this. As it so happens, a few days after I saw my nurse, that happened and it was like weirdly painful sensation. I don’t know, mainly
because of the pushing and the fact that I don’t really have abs or a strong core at the moment and lo and behold, it was some mucus. So, my nurse told me that
everyone is different. Some people don’t pass any mucus at all. Other people, it will be like once a day. Majority of people, it
might be like once a month. It varies. So, I was passing mucus
like every few days, I think, and it was fine. I would just go sit on the toilet when I got those phantom poo feelings. But then, there was some blood in it and that is a bad sign, my friends. So, I called my IBD nurse and
I said, there’s some blood and she was like, uh, that’s
a sign of inflammation. So, I was like, great, now what? So, she prescribed me some suppositories. Now, this is the fun bit. Da-da-da-da. I went from being on
all of the medication, to being on no medication, to
now having one thing to do. So, these suppositories
are like little pellets, tablet things that you put up your bum and then it kind of dissolves and it’s like a soothing cream to soothe the inflammation. I will say, it has worked. There is no more blood
coming out of my bum anymore. But I still have to finish
the course, basically. I was doing it every night and now I’m doing it every other night, putting a pellet up my bum. My favourite thing about this, is it weird to have a
favourite thing about this? So, this is the pellet. This is the size of thing. Err. It’s like this. Da-da-da-da. Come on, focus. Not on my face, don’t focus on my face. This is why people put their hands up, so it doesn’t, there, so, that. I shove that up my bum. So, I was reading the
instructions of how to do it and it said put the barrier on your finger and I was like, a barrier? As in, like, a condom? Am I supposed to put a condom on my finger to put it up my bum? And then I dug further into this box and da-da-da-da! These are my favourite. These are little finger condoms. I’ve got a little box. They’re like this and then
you just roll it down. I’m not gonna fully roll it,
’cause I want to use this but yeah, (laughs). Look at that! I just, yeah, roll it, roll it, roll it. And I got some little finger condoms. I want to know where you can get these. Like, if you can buy them anywhere. I’m sure you could buy
them online but oh my god. I mean, silver lining guys. This is great. So, that’s that update. Hopefully once I finish doing that, the blood doesn’t come back and my rectum remains un-inflamed. My scar and my physical recovery is going well, I guess. It’s at the point where it
feels like diminishing returns, like I’ve recovered so
much, I’ve come so far but now every improvement is just smaller and less noticeable. Yeah, it’s kind of frustrating, ’cause I’m still not, like, okay. I still use my stick. I don’t really need it. I have gone outside and
walked around without it and I’m fine but I do need it if I know that I’m gonna
be out for a long time and I’m gonna be using public transport. And the other day, me and Dan actually had to rush for a train. And I can’t run. I cannot run. I was like hobbling and walking as fast as I could with this stick. We made the train. I don’t know how we did
it, but we made the train but just that quick sprint, my sprint, it just completely destroyed me. I was in a lot of pain and
couldn’t really breathe. My heart rate went up so fast, as if I’d just done some extreme exercise but all I’d done was,
like, hobbled a bit faster. So, that was a real wake-up
call for me, I guess, ’cause I was just like, oh, I’m fine, I’m moving around, I’m
walking, da-da-da-da, and then that happened
and I was just like, oh, I am not a normal person right now. What is normal? Ugh, hate that word. Mentally, not doing so great. I think it’s because of
the diminishing returns, in terms of recovery and
also my mental capacity just isn’t there and I find,
being a self-employed person and my job being very,
like, self-starter-ey, I need to be able to motivate myself. I don’t have somebody being like, do this, do this, do this, which I would
really appreciate right now, ’cause it’s like I don’t have the capacity to really embark on big projects. I can do these videos,
I can do little things but big stuff just overwhelms me right now and my brain is just like, nope. And I think because my
brain can’t do a lot and because my body can’t do a lot, it just makes me sad (laughs). So, I’m a bit sad right now. I actually wrote out a
big blog post about it when I was having a really sad day. I don’t know if I’ll post it. My website has relaunched by the way. So, I am gonna be writing more blogs. So, I may post that
depending on how sad it is, ’cause it was definitely
written in like, ughh time. But yeah, HannahWitton.com. Diddle-dun-duh. Travel! So, I have booked my first trip. I have booked a trip to California. I’m so excited. I’m going to LA and Palm Springs. I’m so excited to get some sun and holiday and I used my air miles
to upgrade to premium on the way out and
upper-class on the way back. So, I’m just like, I need this. I might just cry with happiness. Uh! There is an update on my health and recovery process and
you have now met Mona. I very much value and appreciate the folks in my community who also have stomas and all of your lovely insight and support that you have given me, like,
oh my God, thank you so much. But I have a question about the bag thing. Do you think of your
bag as part of your body or do you think of it as
an accessory to your body? ‘Cause I’m trying to get my head around how I should relate to it. Thank you for watching. Please give this video a
thumbs up if you enjoyed it and didn’t squirm at my stoma and the talk of bum mucus. (laughs) Don’t forget to subscribe, ’cause I make new videos every week and hit that notification bell
so you know when I upload. Alright, bye. (relaxing music)