Welcome back to my channel if you are new here, my name is Tom Harlok I do not have an intro, but I do have a 100,000 subscriber play button. Thanks! Tom Harlock congratulations on passing 100,000 subscribers. Bitch I’m on 500k nearly But I don’t need you any more or I do need you I’m gonna put you on my wall YouTube if I broke that then You’re buying me a new one. Thank you anyway I make new videos every week so subscribe if that is what you are into today’s video Tumblr. tumblr is a really e d g y social networking site and according to its web page tumblr is a place to express yourself Discover yourself and bond over the stuff you love but discovering yourself does sound like a little bit of effort But the rest sounds great doesn’t it? Well It’s not tumblr is like the fucking recycling bin of the internet that just hasn’t been permanently fucking deleted we’re gonna take a dive in that rubbish my friends all the weird communities on the internet like the fandoms and Outcasts and stuff or go to fester on this site to figure out exactly What is wrong with tumblr and because I’m sure there is a lot of Lele pons fans and logang members watching (oof telling it like it is lmao) Who’ve never been taught how to, let’s spell it out T i spat T is for tits out for Dahmer the TCC or the true crime committee is a lovely place where fans of history crime and Personality study can get together and all study killers and shit And I even got a problem with that everyone knows every fucker in this land knows if you’ve watched any of my videos I love a killer I find it fascinating well interesting, but one thing I do not find It is sexy the TCC had an offspring that in all honesty should have been pushed down the throne Down the stairs and then stood on have your sides to the labs Well most people probably want to be Jodie Foster when she’s Clarice Starling sat opposite Anthony Hopkins Finding out exactly what Hannibal seasons his tits with (TOM WHAT MADE YOU THINK THIS WTF) with before eats them that kind of shit this subgroup wannabe Clarice Starling while she’s walking towards that cell inaudible shit, probs tom at like 3 am You know when the maniacs punks on her after show you okay here we go if you’ve never seen the Tumblr dashboard before this is what it looks like this is the search bar okay a serial killer that would turn on girls with nose rings and Daddy issues Dylan roof from the Columbine massacre in 1999 April 20th. That saw the look. What is uh? Oh my Jesus cried my beautiful Dylan roof tattoo you don’t know who didn’t roof is he is one of the Columbine shooters my beautiful Dylan roof tattoos So this girl has got ( he is struggling to deal with this, send help) She’s got Dylann roofs signature other looks and things tattooed on their tits. Oh, that’s lovely all right photos So you can filter by like kind of posted it all right? Here’s a tattoo. Let’s have a look Oh OH MY THAT’S ME *SPOOK* A girl who has a Columbine shooter signature tattooed on our titties? has also reblogged A gif of mine (as we can observe, tom is in shock) just because I may want to sleep with one of them does not mean I condone their actions the entire true Crime committee, 2,000 notes. Oh well famous (no shit m8) . Yeah, I don’t condone their actions That’s for my special smash or pass serial killer video, which I must say is pretty funny. Then it even tagged me. I’m disgusted What kind of people we blocked it? I want to see the names I would like Ted Bundy eat my pussy (i swear you said you’d smash him or some shit?) TCC Columbine rebels like this all famous What does it mean to be a Columbine er? What being a true Columbine a means that you listened it means that you listened to what they had to say in a world that? So quickly forgot it means that you were able to see the message behind What others just saw and turned away from I don’t think the people who were killed saw the message just because you have a username It says asylum of creeps and killers does not normalize what you’re doing fucking gross I don’t wanna go too Deep into these pages because I know there’s fanfic unless it’s the criminals And there’s memes and has even fucking edits seriously This is a message to you if you run a blog about how sexy criminals are or how Sexy that sexy crimes are this is a message. This is a message to you Loosen your choker take the crucifix out of your purse Ian listen up. Delete your fucking account next we have you U is for Unicorn? that’s me! (oh yes you are hun) So I’m sure we’re all aware by now of other kin other kin are a subculture whose socially and spiritually identify as partially or entirely non-human partially or entirely non-human partially or Entirely non fucking human (he is confusion) is what to set the scene de kitten Wolfram lupus is the unofficial leader of the pack at Brandeis high I? Don’t believe anyone is just human. It’s just everyone’s got something else mixed in with them (e d g e) Just they’ve got to actually look inside themselves and find out what it is Dave’s got his own leash he wears So he’s not normal in any capacity But I kind of understand the wolf thing Kind of get that: draw the line when you classify yourself a SPONGEBOBKIN I’M WHEEZING LMAO the group of people the collective name is people who cross The line are called fiction kin identifying as a fictional character I have a lot of questions to don’t worry the most important one being am i a fucking dragon Okay, so this is who what’s your other kin type. Let’s play light or dark? Light (stop lying m8) do I growl or hiss no I do not but I am drawn to magic What you feel like your wings would look like if you had them leather cuz I’m a social moth (wtf is that supposed to mean i am confusion) What are you most connected to death (o o f the amount of edge is killing me) have you ever experienced the mental yeah, I fucking have and now we wait oh Yeah, demonkin now That’s out in the world even though everyone fucking you anyway best thing about tumblr the reason I kind of like it is you can Ask anonymous questions, so let’s have a little look at what this young kin had to ask I’m Shrekin (SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME) like actually Shrekin (THAT THE WORLD IS GONNA ROLL ME) people joke about it all the time And it makes me feel super self-conscious Shrek isn’t just some joke or meme And I wish it wasn’t people’s go-to whilst making fun of other kin because it makes me really upset Also, that shrek is love video makes me feel really anxious (I AIN’T THE SHARPEST TOOL IN THE SHED) And I just wish people would see my identity as valid see obviously this is some twelve-year-old kiddies some bintreplied to him. Don’t worry shrek I’ve got your back (OH MY GOD WHAT THE ACTUAL-) sometimes the best way to deal with it is to roll with it as lyrics, or is that deep tweak? I’m not giving any inch to those who make fun of you people who only know you as a meme I’m missing out so embarrassing isn’t it moving on M is for? My teacher makes me (bust a good ol) nut I spoke earlier about the true crime committee But I fail to mention and I can’t believe I’m about to say this there was tumblr hashtag beef between TCC tumbled to crime committee and TCC which is another abbreviation for teacher crush community. That’s as weird as it sounds There’s tens of thousands of these blogs that are run by these children who aren’t even old enough to buy fucking Red Bulls without parental consent Disgusting I spent hours going through some of this stuff, but I can’t peruse it with you because it’s way pornographic (WAIT ARENT THEY LIKE 12 OR SOMETHING WHAT-) But I did find a lovely sweet soliloquy from a desperate tease. I’m not gonna show you the username However, I did transcribe it beautifully because I love taking a joke too far (well you can say that again) Speaking of taking the joke too far. I have an outfit for this (i aspire to be as extra as you) don’t get me wrong I clearly have little going on in my life. They absolutely have more going on in my life in this girl It’s just a crush they all say you’ll get over him They always say if it’s just a crush (OOF THE BLACK AND WHITE STOP IT WITH YOUR POETRY YOU’RE GONNA KILL US ALL) Why has it been two years of feeling this woman because it’s a fucking crush if it’s just the crush Why do I stay up at night and cry about this man because it’s just a fucking crush if it’s just a crush CHUCKING A PERFECTLY WRITTEN PIECE OF POETRY WHAT A WASTE OF TREES HOW DARE YOU) Why isn’t this feeling ending because there’s a fucking crush take some note from dua lipa (we stan a queen) four (TOM YOU HAVE AN ANGELIC VOICE IT’S A YES FROM ME) Don’t write a blog about your teacher because it’s creepy, and he’s 14 years older. I’ve got new rules Delete your fucking account teacher cross-community is weird, and that’s why we’re moving on swiftly to B, B is for ball, crystal ball alright That was a pretty shit transition, but I didn’t need to quickly speak about witches see witches I love them if you take a craft seriously. I’m all for it white Green bog, whatever I don’t even take a dip in that hocus-pocus, cauldron, but I draw the line when you introduce emoji spells here are a few examples I brought my death cloak (where’d you get it from, it looks 14/10). I thought might as well get into it You’re supposed to like incense or sage whilst you’re performing emoji spells, but unfortunately I don’t have any of that, so I’m just gonna light this cigarette (uuh-) Can I say it’s much easier to find cigarettes, then it is witchy supplies? We can’t all just visit Diagon Alley done agony. This is the Nazi begone spell (BEGONE NAZI THOT) the spell to banish Nazis from Stop sign emoji lady cross-arm emoji down thumb emoji rat Emoji white sweat white square emoji white square emoji does that mean I need to update my iOS? (s p o o k: a new update) I’m gonna be cursed by the Nazis now. I don’t know what to do usually i throw things around, but this will cause a fire DETTOLIUS WIPEUS, A MAJESTIC BEAUTY An emoji a spell that everything will be all right, this is exactly what I need It’s a counteracting spell fingers crossed emoji umbrella emoji Then I’ve got a flower emoji Sun peak over a cloud emoji rainbow emoji spoon emoji Scale emoji key emoji envelope emoji SLURPEDY SLURP tom typing up a thank you, what a polite chap Thanks for getting rid of the Nazis my point being emoji Spells are a bunch of shit if you want a real spell. I need total silence in the room please and here you go Hey, Siri I’m listening Thank you. Did your phone go off? Let me know in the comments if it didn’t go off cuz it means you’ve probably got an android and if So we’re all gonna bully you (don’t turn into ricegum bullying kids (jk)) all right moving on l-look at what I robbed by now I’m sure we all understand that tumblr is in the most normal of places and that continues and carries on into the Shoplifting fandom (the what now?) I understand if you’re stealing bread to feed your family I get that I’d encourage stealing over starving every day of the week and one thing I can’t get behind though is entitled millennial bitches who go on the road for 14 naked palettes with no intention of selling them for food or cash they just want to Do their eyes night so every morning? I spend all night looking at this community And I found videos of girls on the robbed and showing each other how to do pocket tricks and slide things into their bags I’m always like alright this community is as well make believe but then I actually found videos of girls on the rob (wtf why would you do that you could get reported and arrested smh dumbass) so I was Like alright, this is pretty serious, however I did come across a video which I do plan to watch every day until I die And I’m gonna watch it with you now, Oh KIM POSSIBLE OH MY GOD WHAT A BOP put it back don’t be naughty (look at tom go, restoring peace, what a lovely boy) B O P B O P YOU SNEAKY LITTLE SHIT I- That’s what happens when you grow up on tumblr all right R- R is for radical feminism (aka femenazis, you begone too) I know what you’re gonna say here’s another man to shit on feminism and equality *gibberish bc that’s tom*. No actually Thank you very much I’m all for equality but what I’m not for is the joke that you’ve heard the feminist word and movement into it has completely been turned to shit at this point we should just discard it for it away readin shit like friendly reminder that dating is just a social construct designed by the Patriarchy to keep women from fully Experiencing life (what are they on fr) and other people get offended because Bob from Bob’s Burgers Said that gene his own child was fat and therefore. No one would molest him ‘,: | I think the whole social justice warrior cycle tumblr is over opinionated undereducated And is below the line of sanity (we’re just realising this now?) if you want to live your life as Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers That’s absolutely fine, but you do need to realize that people like myself will laugh at you if I don’t get off tumblr soon I’m gonna end up dipping my penis and acid for fun or something (why would you even think of that wtf) however if you enjoyed this video Give me like leave a comment down below and also subscribe if you want to i think i’m like 4000 away from 500k I’ve booked flights to LA Amsterdam New York Paris loads of other places so if you want to know and give a shit where I am at anytime follow me in All my other places I’ll put the links here. I can’t explain how insane 2017 was for me in terms of up and down and 2018 it’s been like that so far, and I go this crazy 500,000 is as mental like what the what, I can’t explain how grateful. I am thank you so much so much Thank you so much. I’ll see you next week with a new video. I love you. Thank you. Goodbye (you kinda look like my bio teacher help?)