the wh-who responded as the virus
spreads outside of China a decision was made to declare a global public health
emergency Kim Dean tells us more the World Health Organization has declared
the corona virus outbreak a public health emergency of international
concern the director general for the w-h-o said on Thursday during a news
conference in Geneva that the main reason for the declaration is not
because of what is happening in China but because of what is happening in
other countries he also stressed that the w-h-o continues to have confidence
in China’s capacity to control the epidemic and that there’s no need at
this time for measures that interfere with travel and trade the w-h-o declares
international health emergencies for only extraordinary events that cause
health risks to other countries by spreading internationally and
potentially require a coordinated international response the declaration
alerts whu-oh member countries to step up precautionary measures such as
screening travelers and monitoring international trade this is the sixth
time such an emergency has been declared by the w-h-o kim daehee arirang news