You are strong. You are brave. You are capable. You are part of the Lord’s most valuable creation. You have ability. You have potential. You have gifts given to you by the Lord. You have talents to share with the world. You are a writer, an athlete, an inventor, an artist, a musician
a technician, and these talents will change people. and these talents will change people You have joy to spread.
You have jokes to tell, kind words to give, and wisdom to bestow, and that joy will
change people. You are full of more amazing qualities,
traits, and virtues than you could ever imagine,
given to you by the Lord who loves you, who loves you, who loves you no matter who you are: whether you’re the big man on campus, or the small guy in the back of the library, whether you like swinging baseball bats, or you like swing dancing, whether you’re the fastest or
the slowest, the tallest or the shortest, the
skinniest or you could lose a few pounds, whether you’re captain of the
team or last one picked, whether your dad could beat up his dad or you never had anyone in your life who
could fill that role, whether you’re the champion of
champions or you feel like the loser of losers. Regardless of who you may
think you are, the reality is is that you have a responsibility, because you have a power inside of you, a power that was formed before the
beginning of time in a secret place by the God of the universe. There is a man inside of you, inside of each and every one of you, that
is waiting to burst forth and change the world: a man that loves, encourages, comforts, shares, teaches, laughs, cries, and who builds up those around him. That man is where your strength lies. That man is
where your potential lies, and that man is where your gifts, talent,
courage, ability, and joy lies, and your
responsibility as a son of God is to find that man and to set that man free. And when he is set free, he will bring
change to our broken world. You will bring change to our broken world. And any voices in your head that are trying
to tell you differently are from the enemy, and the next time you
hear them, this is what you say. You say, “Nuh-uh, not me Satan. I am a son of the living God, treasured,
entrusted, and loved above all things by the creator of all things for the
glory of Him who is greater than all things. I am awesome!” And don’t you forget it. This is who you are.