I’m hiring a new writer, so why am I
looking to the Philippines to hire my writer? Now there are a lot of amazing
reasons why I’ve hired 14 full-time people in the Philippines but a writer
is another thing because English is a second language. Well, I found the secret
and I’m going to share why and how I’m hiring a writer in the Philippines. I’ve been hiring people in the
Philippines for about nine and a half years and I’ve had great, great success.
There’s been some funny things that have happened but for the most part, just good,
genuine, hard-working, honest people that I’ve really come to develop good
friendships with. It’s just been amazing. I actually went to the Philippines last
November. Met my team for the first time and I was kind of nervous. Like what’s
this going to be. Is there going to be awkwardness, are we going to get along. But it just
felt like I just felt so much warmth and so much appreciation which I didn’t
expect. Had great, great experience on hiring people in the Philippines and one
area that I’ve not had success with but I’m going to try new is hiring a writer.
Because…I mean communication with all my team in the Philippines is really easy. I
mean they speak English great. It’s perfect. There’s no misunderstanding with
our communication. But sometimes writing is a little bit different just because
English grammar is crazy. And when it’s a second language, it’s totally
understandable. But I found a way to hire somebody in the Philippines that is a
great writer. And so let me explain why I need a writer. So I my company, we produce
12 different YouTube channels right now and we actually do a lot of writing
in the description. It’s just a paragraph or two on each episode. But
when we’re putting out a new episode every day for 12 different channels,
that’s actually a lot of writing and I just want to take it up a notch and then
plus as a side note, I’m doing a lot of research in LinkedIn again and I’m ready
to step back into the LinkedIn space and articles are really important on
LinkedIn. So I need a really good writer for LinkedIn, So that’s what I’m
looking for. Alright, so if I come to the virtual assistant tool, I want to
show you one challenge that I found my favorite way to do a search is this
advanced skill search. And I’m going to come here into English. Oh and I already have
it start there. I was doing some of the searches yesterday and I found some
really good people. Okay, so I’ve got 2 things selected. Creative writing, I want
5 stars and up here in this category writing I want five stars.
Here’s the challenge. So I’m going to put YouTube right here. I’ve got ID proof
score greater than 70. Date a month or less. Those are kind of defaults that I
really like to go for. When I do that and I hit search, there’s only 2 people
available. And this is out of hundreds of thousands of people that are in here.
Narrowing it down by a good writer for YouTube, people to start putting that in
their profile. So that’s kind of the challenge. So what I did yesterday
and I’m going to show you, I’m just going to remove the word YouTube and I’ll show
you what I found and then I’ll show you the solution.
So now I’ve got 355 people to choose from. So that’s
actually too much. Too much people to sort through. A lot of these people here
want to be hired as a writer. And you can tell that because the tile that they’ve
given their profile is content writer or Irish down here, writer and researcher.
Now this one, put writer third, you know either virtual assistant, customer
service or writer, But I mean that tells you right off the bat if they want to be
hired as a writer. But here’s the thing, if they’re a really good writer then I
should be able to look at their profile and see have they really used their
writing skills to promote themselves. And that’s kind of what’s rare in here. As I
combed through over a hundred last night I found 3 or 4 that I thought, “Wow!
they know how to write. And as I read through it, it’s like you can’t tell it’s
a second language. It’s got really good sell psychology built into the writing
and it’s just got really good grammar and it’s in it’s engaging writing. And so
that’s what I want to show you. If you want to hire a writer in the Philippines,
take a look at the writing. This is a really good resource. So I just randomly,
I’m just going to open this profile. And let’s read her name is Irish. So let’s
see what Irish says. She says I love to express myself in writing. It
is my passion. I have a background in psychology and counseling law and
Theology Christian ministry. So already I’m not very impressed. She’s not using
her writing skills to really paint a picture of what I’m going to get by hiring
her. She’s… It’s more like a resume. It’s it’s more talking about herself and I
wasn’t drawn in. So I’m just… I’m really wanting to be drawn in and by the way, do
have a couple good examples to show you. So I’m being really harsh as I pick on
people. Let’s go take a look at Karen here. She says I had a great
experience working as a customer service representative, technical support agent,
product-specific trainer, senior trainer, operations supervisor, all
throughout my career. I will definitely benefit your company if you will hire me.
Okay I’m not impressed. We could go through person after person, after person
and be not impressed. Now let me show you what it looks like when I am impressed.
Alright, so here’s one that I found last night. “Is getting more leads
one of your major challenges? Imagine the competition out there and marketing your
services and expertise takes time. A compelling sales page is important for
your business where…” So you see what they’ve done here? They’ve used the
writing ability to really promote themselves and yet they’re not even
talking about themselves. They’re drawing me in to what I want. Does that make
sense? Let me show you the next one that I found. Okay, so this person wrote, “Are
you looking for an affordable but high quality content to boost your website,
social media page or e-commerce store?” It’s a little bit of a grammar in there.
But let me continue. “If you’re a startup company or a one-man business who are
looking for top, great product descriptions for your Amazon store or
for our first rate SEO blogs and website copies…”
Okay, so there’s some spelling errors and stuff. The point that I love here is that
they’re writing to me. They’re really writing to me into what my needs are and
what I’m looking for and they’re showcasing their writing experience to
the best of their ability to promote themselves. If you’re looking to hire a
writer in the Philippines, I think this is an amazing way to do it and it’s a
great resource that you can’t really filter down to find them but yet, you can
comb through and you can find the people that actually are using
the writing ability. Okay, so the next step is to contact them. Okay, when you
want to contact them, you just scroll back up here and let’s say we want to
contact Andrea. I just hit contact here and I can send a message. And I created a
template. Just by checking this box, I can write a message, create a template. I
created a template last night and so I’ll use that template but I’ll change
the name.The email message just says, “I reviewed your profile…” The message is
just pretty simple. It says, “I reviewed your profile and like what I see.
I’ve been hiring people in the Philippines for almost 10 years and have
a team of 14 full-time Filipinos and now need to hire a full-time writer to help
us write YouTube descriptions for all the many YouTube channels we produce. If
you’d like to know more details about my company and how to apply, please reply.” So
I don’t give them too much information. I just…I try and get a little credibility.
Let them know I’ve been hiring people. I’m somebody you can trust. If you want
to know more then reply. Now, I’ve actually gotten some responses that I
can show you. So this person said, “Thanks for reaching out to me. I’m glad to have
this opportunity and I’m interested in working with you. Please let me know how
I can proceed with the application for the position of writer for your
company.” That’s all the response I needed and now I’m going to communicate
back with them and have them communicate back with me in a different way. This
next tip has really been a game changer for me in really knowing how to narrow
it down and find the best person to hire. So what I do is I pull out my phone and
I make a selfie video just talking to them. I talk for about 5 or 6
minutes and I say…I introduce myself. I say, “Alright, I’m Nate Woodbury.” Where I let
them see me and I explain what my company is and what we do and explain
what I’m looking for and then I tell them and I want you to do the same thing
I’m doing now. I haven’t worried about you know fancy lighting or I’m not
editing this video. I’m just sending it to you raw and rough. If you can do the
same thing and record yourself on your phone and send me that video, here’s what
I want to hear from you. I want it you to talk about your, in this case
writing experience or whatever position you’re hiring for.
Tell me about your experience. Tell me why you think you’d be a good fit for
this position and talk to me for about 5 or 6 minutes. And you can ask them
other things that you want them to talk about. That one step in getting people to
apply, sending me a video, it makes the process so much easier to really get to
know the person. To know if they’re going to be a good culture fit for the company
and it lets me know that they’re willing to do hard and uncomfortable things. I
find that most people are uncomfortable doing that but yet they’re willing to do
that. Then when I’ve narrowed it down to 2 or 3 people,
I’ll give them a trial assignment. I will pay them for… I’ll narrow it down to
people I think… You know what, if I were to hire these people, they look like
they’re a really good fit and if I just have one position available, I’m probably
going to hire 2 because one of them will work out well and in my experience, one
of them will flake out. Their schedule gets busy, they weren’t really
able to commit 40 hours a week or whatever it is. So I give them a trial
assignment. I give them a job in this case, I’ll give them some YouTube videos
and say, “Hey, write a description for these videos and send them to me and
I’ll pay it for your time. And if things go well then they’re obviously going to
continue working with me full-time. So that’s the why and the how of me hiring
a writer in the Philippines. If you’re interested in doing the same, I recommend
just using the same tool that I showed you. The virtualassistanttool.com. Be
sure to subscribe and I’ll see you tomorrow.