Doge: Finally!! Doge: I’ve collected each type of armor in the game! Doge: There’s diamond, iron, gold, leather armor and ch… Doge: Wait a second… O_O oh no Doge: … Doge: I FORGOT THE CHAIN ARMOR!! Doge: How do i obtain it?! Doge: It shouldn’t be that hard to find Some Penguin Thing: You can’t. Doge: Huh, why? Some Penguin Thing: such ugly, wow too lazy to write this… Player 1: I heard Notch added cool new armor to the game Player 1: I heard it’s super easy to craft Player 1: Time to craft it! Player 1: I look like a vampire Player 1: Nice! Player 1: Time to try it out! WHAT’S GOING ON?! WHY AM I ON FIRE?! Player 1: THIS ARMOR… Player 1: IT BURNS EVERYONE WHO ATTACKS ME… Player 1: Meaning… Player 1: With great powers, comes great responsibility. Player 1: But i don’t really care 😀 Player 1: Hey noobs Player 1: lololol Player 1: i bet you don’t even know how to craft Go away kid. Player 1: You guys are terrible at this game Player 1: lololol u w0t m8 That’s it! WHAT’S HAPPENING?! WHY ARE WE ON FIRE WHAT’S GOING ON?! Player 1: lol Notch: wow… Notch: This armor is quite overpowered Notch: I’ll make it impossible to be crafted Notch: and make it so it won’t be able to set people on fire Some Penguin Thing: Basically it’s impossible to craft it anymore Some Penguin Thing: Because you would need fire Some Penguin Thing: Which isn’t obtainable anymore Some Penguin Thing: Along with some other “blocks” Some Penguin Thing: ..therefore, you can’t get it Some Penguin Thing: Huh? Some Penguin Thing: WHAT?! Some Penguin Thing: HOW DID YOU CRAFT IT?! Some Penguin Thing: THERE’S NO WAY YOU WERE ABLE TO GET CHAINMAIL Some Penguin Thing: I’M REPORTING YOU TO THE ADMIN! Doge: … Doge: NO WAIT!! Doge: I DIDN’T CHEAT Doge: i found them on the grou-