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Jim it’s you art media dot biz thank you I want to talk to you today a little bit
more about mystery shopping and secret shoppers or mystery shoppers whatever
like to call it I know in the UK they call it secret shopper there’s even a TV
TV show about secret shopping which amazed me in the UK the the the science
behind this stuff is so important that this TV shows about it right to help
people increase sales in their business and online it’s just another store I
there should be for a lot of retailers more profitable than all their bricks
and mortar stores because everyone can go to this store and the other ones you
geographically limited right and the sorts of things that in last week’s
video I mean it’s certainly hit a nerve weird getting close to 7 800 views at
the moment but the the thing is no one else is doing this that we can find in a
way that makes sense for retailers so for instance if you have a look at say a
site like will be vintage cute I think it is this is a great little blog and a
post about secret shopping or more about store layout and how you should lay out
in the store for your shoppers but the science comes from seek the secret
shopping right so there’s a whole blog post and even little things like you
know there’s some debate about whether you should lead your customers around
the store in a clockwise or anti-clockwise fashion the ways that the
the store is laid out indicates maybe something about the industry that you’re
in fashion will lay out a different way to so what a hardware store or a
supermarket would so there’s all these sorts of different nuances and I guess
categories that we were using offline but we’re not doing online that’s what
the mystery shopping experience is all about so but even things like I mean
some of these have very very clear parallels in the online world like
ensure your product quantities are appropriate you know there’s so many
times we we’re doing a mystery shop on a someone site and the most popular
product is out of stock it happens right but the thing is is that all of these
things affect sales it affects your brand
it affects if it happens a lot is that person going to come back what do they
think of the experience they’re these sorts of things enough space between
products and fixtures that’s your page layout right that’s
making it easy to see the product so all of this science that’s been done offline
hasn’t been done online the mystery shopper product the reason I’m talking
about it again this week is because we’ve had a lot of interest and we’re
going ahead with it and we’re getting about five started now these first five we’ll be putting a little bit more
effort into to flesh out the product so if you are interested the first five
they’re going to have a lot more attention because we’re building out the
product so I’ll be working on those as well as a few others and the products
really cheap because we can do it really quickly and the reason we can do it
really quickly is it really only takes this the time to do the shop and then
we’ve got a template of what we know works well on retail and we just take
that template put it against your site and your man and tell you how much money
you should be making hopefully that’s helpful if that’s something you’re
interested in email me Jim at Straub media dot biers thanks very much
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