In this Wix blog tutorial I’m going to give
you 3 expert tips on how to create a high-converting blog using the new Wix blog. With the new Wix blog, I’m able to get more
traffic and hundreds of new email subscribers everyday on autopilot. So without further ado, here are the 3 best
tips for your new Wix blog: Tip #1: Setup Your New Wix Blog For Success The new Wix blog has a ton of new features
to help you create a high-converting blog easily. You can edit the way the blog’s displayed
to make it easier for your readers to find the content they’re looking for by placing
your blog categories and a search bar up top, you can choose one of 8 stunning new layouts
for the entire posts feed as well as for the categories feed, and you can change the look
and design of all blog elements to fit in with your branding. Another cool thing with the new Wix blog is
that you can create and grow an active community with blog members. This way you can add multiple writers to your
blog, have individual member pages where each member can check out the other’s latest
posts, followers, and comments, and have members get email and mobile notifications on people
they follow, on comments, and on new posts. This is a great way to get your readers and
engaged, and always coming back to your blog. Tip #2: Integrate Your Email Form Directly
On The Wix Blog A great thing about the new Wix blog is that
you’re able to integrate HTML forms directly within the body of your blog posts. This makes it way easier for you to gather
email subscribers on autopilot, since your readers can just fill out the email opt-in
form within your blog post to get a content upgrade, for instance. With the old Wix blog you couldn’t integrate
email forms within blog posts, and instead could only have them on pages. As such, you had to do a workaround in which
a reader had to click on a link within a blog post, to then land on a landing page with
the email opt-in form. The new Wix blog removes this extra step by
allowing you to integrate email opt-in forms directly within the blog post, so your email
list is guaranteed to skyrocket with this extra step removed. To add an email opt-in form to the body of
your blog posts, all you have to do is click on the + sign on the left hand side of a new
line, and then on ‘insert HTML code’, or directly on the ‘insert HTML code’
button at the bottom of the blog post editor, then click on the first button on the left
which is to ‘add HTML or URL’, and paste the HTML code that your email marketing platform
gives you for any particular form. I use ConvertKit as my email marketing platform,
so let’s do this step by step. In ConvertKit, I’ll go ahead and click on
the form I want to embed, then on settings, embed, raw HTML, copy the code that appears,
and then paste it in the space provided on Wix, and then click on update. And that’s it! Now anyone who lands on your blog post can
fill out this form to opt-in to your email list. Tip #3: Optimize Your Image’s Alt Text For
Pinterest Another great update in the new is that all
over your blog’s images now have this ‘pin it’ button when you place your cursor over
them. Thing is, if you don’t optimize your images’
alt text, this ‘pin it’ button won’t be used to its fullest extent. Instead of just adding your blog post title
as the alt text, insert a description optimized for Pinterest SEO, with calls to action, keywords,
and hashtags. This way, when a reader clicks on the ‘pin
it’ button to pin your image, it’ll be easier to find on the platform and, as such,
do way better in search. To add alt text to your images, just click
on the image, and then on the gear icon to access the image settings.The second line
is where you’ll add your alt text, with the Pinterest optimized description, and then
press done at the bottom. Always remember to publish any changes you’ve
made so that they’re live. So there you have it! Now with these 3 expert tips, you now know
how to create a high-converting blog using the new Wix blog. Make sure to leave a comment below with which
tips you’re most excited to try out. Also make sure to click on the link in the
description box below to download the FREE ‘How To Blog On Wix Guide’ so that you
make the most out of your new Wix blog.