should you use WooCommerce or just have
a regular WordPress blog that’s what Alex and I debate today now alex is my
friend over at WP eagle and he knows how to use WooCommerce and that’s how he
sets up sites in fact he has several tutorials on the topic and I take a
different approach i partly know what Woo’s owned is or WooCommerce or
whatever it is actually I’m pretty ignorant about the whole thing so anyway
we debate the pros and cons and let’s go to the conversation right now hey what’s
up Huntington here I’m with my friend Alex from WP eagle how are you today I’m
good things me too because we’re gonna have a little debate today now we have a
different approach for our affiliate sites and euro woo is a Woo’s own is
that what we call that yeah it’s kind of woozy and WooCommerce okay ecommerce
style for the Alliance yeah cool and I’m more of a like a blog
content SEO side in honestly there’s probably more overlap than I realize but
pardon my ignorance so we’re just gonna debate it out and sort of hear the pros
and cons now Alex if people aren’t familiar with the Amazon affiliate model
can you just walk us through like the basics yeah okay so the way it works
when you’re using a plug-in like Woo’s own or WooCommerce you’re using the
Amazon API to basically download products onto your site in an e-commerce
style so people can come to your site they can view the Amazon product you can
of course rewrite the title and the description and all that kind of thing
and then people can add those products to a car on your site and then when they
go to checkout they get redirected across to Amazon and all those products
are automatically added to their car I’ll see you then if they make that
purchase you get your commission which is obviously difference in the way you
do it if you want to explain which i think is just around you know static
links right in it’s basically you know a blog style so there’s just content
usually targeted around a specific keyword and then a bunch of content
around it typically it’s some sort of a review so it helps the visitor the
searcher finds more information about the product and then hopefully make like
an educated decision based on the info on your site they click a link on your
site over to Amazon and then hopefully they make the purchase so I see it it
matches up at some point it’s just the information
which is provided so yeah it’s the pros and cons and why you might do different
so I’ll go through the what I think are the pros and cons with the wound own
style sites and then you can maybe go and then we can we can talk about what
the differences are so I’ll go through the pros of the Wu Tang site so the
first thing is you can have a blog on these sites they are still a wordpress
site so there still is a wordpress blog and i would definitely recommend that
you do build a blog because that’s the only way that you’re going to reattach
some good inward link so the interesting thing about the Wuzhou sites are they
don’t tend to need quite as much content in order to get them ranked because
you’re able to import lots of product very quickly so you can very quickly
populate your site with two three four hundred products providing you do some
basic SEO so you know you submit a sitemap to Google Webmaster console that
kind of thing and make sure that your site gets found maybe add a couple of
links here are there from some social media those products tend to get indexed
and they can rank for some long tail searches so if someone searching for say
blog got a site on on ladies boots maybe boutique or someone searching for you
know a brown boot size four in lever interesting media and those product can
can get some traffic and so what you find is that for free for maybe even a
thousand products you can get you know two or three visits on each of those and
that can add up so I recently built a site with wasone and I literally just
built it imported some product maybe I did one or two articles and just left it
and just started earning some income pretty much straightaway I mean it’s not
huge amounts of income it’s I think the best on my sites do is you know two
three hundred dollars a month but these are very quick to put get up and you
know then you can just you know if you had a handful of these sites then the
income could add up the downside to running a Wuzhou site is they are quite
resource intensive so you do need some fairly decent hosting especially if
you’re going to add lots of products if you don’t have some content on your site
in terms of blog sometimes amazon aren’t always 100% with them and you may get
rejected as an affiliate and which case then you just need to add some content
and try again there’s a couple of downsides that i can be off the top of
my head but obviously the plus side is that you don’t need you know tons and
tons of content that you get from writers or you write yourself in order
to get some traffic in ávila before I explain the blog or content heavy angle
I want to talk about some of the things you mentioned and that all makes sense
by the way that all makes sense it’s inaccurate in aggregate you can make
some money few hundred bucks which is actually really good considering you’re
not mean to do a ton of content and a lot of
the other work normally associated with such a site now yeah and again I
mentioned earlier I’m ignorant in a lot of ways I’m well informed in some areas
but just ignorant others just a lot of times people would ask me questions like
you know what can I do if I have you know eight hundred items on my site like
how do I do content and they were asking questions like that and that’s where I
thought that doesn’t make sense to have so many products on your site you really
have no practical way to add content or sort of like make it more full so those
are the kind of questions I got which made me think people have too much power
at their hands with the the whoo zone WooCommerce I guess style where you
could pull in all these products and not have to do any background work cuz your
videos are so good people can literally set up a wordpress site set up this sort
of store and then they don’t know what to do after that because what they’ve
just they again they have too much power at their hands and they’re not sure what
to do afterwards yes that’s right how well people do get carried away to be
found they add lots of products maybe more than they should you know if you’re
in a niche then you should be quite specific about the products that you
choose right I find the best sites and when we got to 300 products not
thousands and thousands because what you don’t to be is just a copy of Amazon
right write it again like you really have no practical way to like make any
like blog content on that many products that’s right it’s just too much so going
away from there it sounds like you generally agree and I think from the
blog angle it’s mainly driven in the same way through SEO traffic however
it’s a bit more targeted so instead of publishing you know hundreds of products
and hundreds of pieces of content technically on the site we’re looking at
you know starting a site with like ten pieces of content or so and then you
know strategically picking those keywords using like the keyword golden
ratio and you know keyword research tools to make sure we’re you know trying
to find and publish content that people are actually searching for and that are
actually buyers keywords so it would be like best ballpoint pen for journaling
something like that yeah now the downside is you know typically for those
ten pieces of content early on that you launch a site with
I want at least a thousand words for each one of those that’s you know
nothing to sneeze at you know we’re talking ten thousand words that you
either have to write yourself you have to hire someone and if you write it
yourself it’s probably the most amount of content you’ve ever written in your
whole life unless you’re a writer a professional writer of some kind or if
you hire someone I mean you’re at least talking you know maybe hundred to two
hundred dollars of you know writing services to have that content now the
upside is from a serving the internet and making people like I guess helping
the visitors write helping the visitors and making the internet a better place
by putting more content on there and helping them make a decision one could
argue that that’s a good thing versus just having like the straight-up product
description with not much other details yeah she said this recently about you
know question I often get is why would you have it why would people visit an
affiliate marketing site why wouldn’t people just go straight to Amazon and
buy the product I mean what is the point of having an Amazon affiliate or an
affiliate site in general from artists that is ways that you are there to add
value you’re there to help someone buy there’s someone there maybe in a need
for you know the best bullpen for journaling but you know they’re not
gonna find that information on Amazon you can’t just search Amazon for that
because members and don’t have the content around it so you’re there to
help someone they’ve got a rough idea what they’re looking for what they need
and you’re there to really just help them and say that this is what you need
and here’s what you can get it and that’s how you earn your commission so
yeah you are any more value with the content side definitely and with the
woods own site it’s so less effort but less value as well right and I think you
know in some of my other videos I think I if people quoted me I would say
something like I don’t know why alex is telling people to you know build Wu’s
own sites and WooCommerce and stuff so I I retract those because what you said
makes perfect sense to me I think there’s a blend right I think we could
agree that somewhere in the middle right like you can utilize all the WooCommerce
capabilities in a you know smarter way a more strategic way and then add content
on top of it using some of the ideas where you know I mentioned key word
golden ratio like that could be a great way to marry the to uh like do you have
anything to add without Alex oh yeah definitely yeah but blend of the two is
probably a great site you know if you’ve got some really good content and what
you can do is you can link to products on your site rather than just
people straight off to amazon which in a way in theory could increase their
basket size because people could add you know three or four products from your
site to a basket and then when they go to amazon those three or four products
added straightaway to their amazon basket the other thing that we don’t
guys that i’m not sure your sites do is it it puts a 90 day cookie do your site
do that too so people don’t have to buy on the same day they can you know if
they buy 90 days down the line used in be a commission okay because it’s adding
directly to the car yeah that’s right yeah I think those products are in the
car I think yeah I think you’re right so and that is a huge deal because in my
model the cookie is only a 24 hour cookie so that’s you know part of the
reason why I’m going after buyers keywords which you know people are
probably going to buy something in the next day or two they’re researching
things that are in this show that intent now I guess it only works for that
specific product that you’re talking about because it’s a 90 day cookie so
they have to buy that one product and that’s like okay cool very good
all right well anything else did you could think about no I think I think
when it comes to fruit marketing there is no right or wrong I mean a lot of
people I think the big question is you know how can I make money online you
know should I be doing that as an affiliate should I be doing affiliate
marketing should I do YouTube should I do you know drop shipping should I do
Amazon FBA and which one works and I think the answer is you know they all
work they all work but you’ve got to pick one and you’ve got to learn about
it and you’ve got to put some effort in and do the work and then any of those
that will work for you they’re all they’re all legitimate ways to make
money online that a lot of people had success with all of them but you’ve just
got to pick one that’s going to work for you and just you know keep working at it
and give it some time give it some effort and it will work cool now I just
I thought one more question so what would be like the minimum hosting that
you would recommend if someone were to you know implement a site like your like
you described would say you know a modest amount say 200 to 400 products
that they were gonna pull in okay now I’ve got a couple of sites that have got
a few hundred products and they’re just on the Hostgator hatchling plan which is
one of the cheapest hosting packages you can get but then some other sites where
I’ve got a few more products I have out to go up to some some more professional
hosting so I you use WP engine to those and the price don’t say I think you know
the hatchling plan on Hostgator is and there maybe five bucks a month and
wpengine is 25 bucks or so you know it’s five times more you check out my channel
I’ve got loads of stuff on you know optimizing the speed of your WordPress
site and all that kind of stuff so you can you can squeeze quite a lot out of
basic hosting but you know the more products you add the more stress it does
put on it but as I said earlier sometimes you don’t need all those
products sometimes you need to think I’m in a very specific Nisha then I need to
pick some very specific products and if you do that then I’d imagine you’d only
have a few hundred cool and I’ll add one thing I’ve gone through some I’m not as
savvy as you but I’ve gone through some hosting issues even just yesterday so I
think you know once you hit a certain threshold of visitors like regardless of
what you have going on WordPress you may have to upgrade so the thing that I’ve
found unfortunately each time I’ve hit the capacity is everything’s fine until
it’s not like you get one or two more users a day and then WordPress kind of
falls apart like yeah doesn’t load and all of a sudden it’s just like for a
couple days like your CPU spikes and things like very bad things happen and
then I just upgraded my cloud hosting to a few more process there’s a little more
memory and everything was fine like within 20-30 minutes so and a good house
should be able to switch you up the package is fairly quickly so there’s no
there’s nothing wrong with starting with a small package and as you build your
side up but then you just you just upgrade or move or whatever it’s all
that easy cool cool all right thanks Alex and I
think we settled the debate a blend of the two is good so I’m sorry if I said
bad stuff about you in the past it was it wasn’t personal you know all right
appreciate it and we’ll link up definitely check out Alex’s channel if
you haven’t seen him before and we’ll catch you next time Thanks
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