Subtitles (CC) WordPress will install to a free Ubuntu hosting with a help of goPanel Start virtual machine Start goPanel Go to your server In Dashboard go to 3rd Party Scripts Select WordPress manager: WP-CLI Click Install Selected Service WordPress manager installed Go to Databases Click Create User Account Enter database user name Enter database user password Click Create User Click Create Database Enter database name Click Create Database Right-click on user Select Grant Access To Database Select database Click Select All Privileges Click Add To Database Go to Domains Click Add New Domain Enter domain name Enter FTP user password Click Create Domain Click Install Software Select WordPress Enter site name Enter owner e-mail Enter site owner name and password Select database name Select database user name Enter database user password Click Install (WordPress) Open Terminal Enter sudo vi /etc/hosts Enter your MacBook password Go down to the last line Press i Enter IP address – Tab – your domain name Press Esc Press button : wq! Press Enter Start browser Check your site Thank you for watching! Subscribing to channel! Watch more videos