Hi Guys this is Jamie from http://www.system22.net and http://www.great-webdesign.com/ if you’re new to wordpress here’s a short video that will
show you how to post your first blog so let’s open our wordpress dashboard and
go to our posts page when you first install wordpress it comes with a
default post called hello world there usually I trash that to add a new post
hit the add new button give your post a title I’m going to give it something really
exciting their new posts and moving down this is where you enter your text I’m
just going to copy over some lorem ipsum filler text to put something in there
for those of you that don’t know lorem ipsum is just some filler text the
design is used for putting text in places where nothing’s been written yet
just so you can see what it’s going to look like once there’s text there if we
want to add a picture we’ll hit the add Media button that will open your media
library at the moment there’s nothing in there but we can just upload a file from
our computer or other source just by dragging it over and dropping it onto
the pain there and there’s our file over to the pane on the right you can add
your alt text which is quite important for SEO purposes and for sight impaired
people it’ll actually read it out them down the bottom there there’s the
dimensions you’ve got the medium three by three you’ve got thumbnail by 150
you’ve got large 600 x 400 and you’ve got full size which is the full size of
the uploaded image you can actually change these default values and I’ll
show you how to do that later on we’ll just put it in as medium and hit the
insert into post button there it is in our post now if we’re going to align
that the image just left click on it and we’ve got alarm to left center right so
align it to left the text appears to the right in the center it’ll just Center
align itself until the right the text will appear on the left and that has no
image alignment we’ll just leave it centered let’s give our post a title at the top
is a great idea to give your pages and posts a heading because browsers look
for heading titles and it helps them to be found now the moment you’ll see a
bunch of tools there but that you see no actual heading tool on the right hand
side if you click that little icon it’ll show the rest of the tools and over to
the left you can select heading and that will turn our paragraph text into h1
heading text you’ll see there’s h 2 h 3 4 5 and 6 there a higher number the
smaller the actual text is but headings a great way you want to put some
keywords in there because search engines do look for headings and we’ll hit the
center a line to align that to the center we’ve got bold italic add link
take away link so let’s put in a link just select the text you want to add
link to hit the add link put in the URL copy or paste or type it in and hit the
return to apply it our text is now linked and we’ll set a featured image
for the post as well we’ll select that same image this way if you’ve got a
front page that’s displaying your blog posts it’ll come up with these images
for each posts now if we publish the post just go over to the publish button
on the right hand side now we can preview the changes at the top and it
will show us that post there’s the post that we just created the image and our
linked text that takes us to the linked site now if we go back you’ll see that
actually linked from the page and it flipped over to the site if we remove
that link by selecting the text and hitting the remove
compare now I hit the add link cow again paste the URL back in there hit the
Settings button and check the box that says open link in a new tab update it
and update the post preview the changes again this time when we click on that
link it should open that website in a new tab rather than leaving our site
there it is it’s quite often you don’t want people to close your site on arouse
oh you’d rather that wherever you sent them to opens in a new tab so moving on
down the categories well we haven’t got any but by default it will come up as
uncategorised you can add categories whatever it is your your your blog is
pertaining to you can have food entertainment and whatever you’re
writing about give it a category or multiple categories that’ll help search
engines find it also tags here you can add extra tags and slugs which will
again it all helps towards the description and that is how you create
your first post in WordPress well I hope that’s been useful for you thank you for
watching once again this has been Jamie from system 22 and great web design have
a great day