It’s a commercial, boo! Be shameless! Back to the show, yo! Hello beautiful people, it is your homegirl, Shameless, all up in Central Park with the lovely… THALITA: Thalita Pascual, hi everyone! MAYA: She is my friend, she’s a personal trainer, she’s a Brazilian fitness model. She’s got a booty; she’s gonna show us how to– THALITA: Work it! Get a butt lift! THALITA: I’m gonna tell you guys all the secrets. MAYA: Without any surgery. THALTIA: So, let’s start with a warm up–it’s just so we don’t get an injury going straight up to the workout. So, were gonna start doing some squats. What you’re gonna do is you’re gonna have your feet shoulder-width apart. And you’re gonna stick your booty out and pretend you’re sitting in a chair. You’re gonna go all the way down, as low as you can, and then come up. Let’s go. 5 more! Next one, we’re gonna do lunges. This is gonna be the starting position–you’re gonna step forward in front of you, still keeping your balance. And then you switch sides. Let’s go. MAYA: Oh my gosh! What I have to go through for a butt! 5 more! Now the next one is the cross over high knees. So, what you’re gonna do is just pretty much bring the opposite knee to meet the opposite elbow. And you’re gonna switch sides doing that, so 15 on each side. 5 more! Okay, so now we’re gonna start with the kickbacks. This is the best exercise to build a good booty. All you’re gonna do is you’re gonna hold into something that gives you balance– MAYA: Like a living room chair? THALITA: Yeah, you can use a living room chair, you can use a table–pretend like you’re kicking back with the leg straight. Also, go as high as you can. Also, you wanna focus on squeezing the glute as you’re coming up. So the more you squeeze, the more concentrated it is, the better results you get. Let’s do it! 5 more! 5 more! So this is a side leg raise, all you have to do is pretty much just raise your leg to the side! Let’s do this. 5 more! Let’s do it! 5 more! So this is, no hands down, my favorite exercise to tone up the lower body. It’s called the pop squats, it’s a lot of fun ’cause it gets your heart rate up so you’re burning fat. But at the same time, you’re toning up and making it tight, right? Just popping a squat! MAYA: Poppin’ that booty! THALITA: So let’s start this! MAYA: Don’t quit! Quitting is for losers! That’s it! Okay, I’m done. THALITA: Alright, so now the last exercise is the hip raise. This is also a good ab exercise, also good for like, the hamstrings and the glute. The more you squeeze, the better results you get. So let’s start! 5 more! MAYA: That’s it! You’re gonna have a firm butt in a matter of weeks. Okay! So if you want a full butt sculpting experience, you guys are gonna watch this video 3 times for beginners. And if it starts getting easy for you as you progress, 4 times. THALITA: And for more information, if you want to contact me, just click on the link below; that’s my website. Also, follow me on instagram! I’m posting things daily, like every day. Inspiration, workouts, videos, everything you need to know to like a healthy lifestyle. MAYA: Inspirational! THALITA: Yes! MAYA: Brazilian body!
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