hi it’s time for some more fun with Jay and Harm. I’m Jay. And I’m harm. And I’m Bobby Banana. Today we’re going to have a new segment called
Writer’s Brick. Writer’s Brick is where we encourage kids to write and maybe have some prizes, win some prizes. This month’s
prizes are a figet-madoo, Yugee Puzzle Ball or a LEGO Batman Blind Bag. The second one we will animate their story and that will be the prize. The second winner we will choose depending on how much it makes us laugh and how unique the ideas are. The third one will be a teacher who shared our contest. it’s time for this month’s writing prompt. Yay! Your story has to be about banana Bobby he should be wearing a banana costume
and he should be a police officer and he has to have a dream about
“Love me some money” Money! to enter this contest go to our website JayAndHarm.com
and click on Witer’s Brick the rules for this contest are no banana bobby dying. No Banana Bobby splits. this contest is for grades kindergarten to eighth grade and there
should be 20 to 150 words and February 20th is the deadline.
When your homework is due! The best way to find out you were a winner and not miss next month’s
contest is to subscribe to our YouTube channel and to follow us on
Facebook I hope you do that Good luck with your writing. I can’t wait to read your stories bye thanks for
watching you