Writers! What are you afraid of?EverythingExistential dread! Spiders? People Words Nuclear war! Making videos Tory party Interaction Pens Brexit Words Rejection Success AlligatorsWriters! What are you afraid of? Everything! Jo: Primarily failure and rejection.
Sarah: Or if you’re me succeeding and acceptance Sarah: Rejection is not a problem I’m down with that. Jo: Why can’t you accept love?
Sarah:I just can’t Also feedback and criticism, I’m not a big fan of. I mean who is, really? And also not being good enough or getting the story confused between the idea in your head and the words on the page Yes. Expectation versus reality But. Is any of that useful to you as a writer? Literally, no. The most common question our writers ask us is why they aren’t writing when they want to be writing the most common answer to that question is because they are scared and that can be fear of anything it could be fear of getting it wrong of doing it badly or doing it really well or any number of
things. Or their mum reading a really bad sex scene that they wrote. Yeah. Write like your parents will never read it. But, you know, fear can be good. Fear is not necessarily a bad thing. We
need fear to sort of motivates us in a way you just can’t use it as an excuse
to procrastinate because then you never will even try. And if you don’t try then
you can’t fail but if you don’t try you also can’t succeed. So you have to embrace failure and be prepared to fail because it’s gonna happen.
Sarah: Absolutely and the only thing that’s really worth being scared of is living your whole life in
the shadows of what you could have been Jo: And regretting everything! Sarah: So it’s time to stop worrying about
what might go wrong and just crack the fuck on. Jo: And accept it as an inevitability.
Sarah: i-n-e-v-i-t-a-b-i-l-i-t-y Jo: Because why are you writing when it comes down to it? Because like writing, presumably, even though you probably hate writing some of the time and why would you stop yourself doing
something that you love? Why would you spend your whole life not writing and then
look back on your life and go ‘well at least I didn’t didn’t fail! But I also didn’t write anything’. You just gotta push through it and you know, you are gonna fail you. Your
first drafts are gonna be shit. You’re going to get rejected, you’re gonna get
criticism that you don’t agree with It’s just a given but it’s also how you
develop and get better and grow as a writer. That’s not to say you have to be fearless. You can’t just magic your fear away, but you can be resilient. You can take a deep breath,
find that little well of badassery deep inside you, and pour your
heart into it, and then ride the adrenaline high all the way home. So. Easy peasy. Got it? Good. Go write. Byeeee.