When you were going on a night out
with him, what were you getting up to? Were you talking to girls?
Was he talking to girls? We were together for about
two and a half years, and towards the end,
we were arguing all the time. She didn’t like the fact that I was
hanging round with a certain lad. I found out that
Callum’s best friend was cheating on his girlfriend, who was my best friend. Once April had found out, she looked at me in disgust
because I knew about it. Hello. You all right? Hiya. Nice to see you. I felt really betrayed. I felt like he should’ve said
something, because it was wrong. So, I have a question. So, you know, if we got
back together, would you kind of ditch your friend for me? You know, the not very nice one. I completely lost all
trust with Callum, he didn’t tell me what was going on, when I feel like,
I’m his girlfriend, he should’ve told me everything and obviously this guy
isn’t a nice guy and he shouldn’t have loyalties
to someone like that. Are you OK with what he did? No, I’m not OK with what he did. I’ve never agreed with it,
really, have I? I just always, like, seem to have
been in the middle of it. But you still chose
to hang round with him. Yeah, because he was good company,
we had good nights out and he was a good laugh. But he was cheating on
his girlfriend. I am my own person. I’m not up to stuff like that just because I have a friend that
does stuff like that. He said, you know,
he’d never cheat on me, he shouldn’t judge me
by other people’s standards but, you know, I think you become
who you surround yourself with. It’s their relationship,
shouldn’t affect our relationship. When you were going on a
night out with him, what were you getting up to? What were you doing? Were you talking to girls?
Was he talking to girls? I’d say… Yeah, obviously we were talking
to people but only because of the personalities,
like, I have as myself, like, you know me,
I’m a chatty person. If you’re chatting to
a group of girls, are you going to mention,
“Oh, yeah, I’ve got a girlfriend”? Yeah, obviously but… It’s fine, you can talk to girls,
like, I’m not a psycho. It made me think,
was he cheating on me? Cos he was going out with
him all the time. She had, like, trust issues
because of my mate but I didn’t want to get
involved in that type of stuff. Question is, could you
trust me again? Erm… I do think I could trust you again. It’s just depends what
choices you made, who you choose to hang around with. At the time, I really thought,
“Oh, my God, maybe he has cheated.” But now I’ve sat and thought about
it, I know you wouldn’t ever cheat on me. Why did you react,
like, the way you did? Erm, just because I felt lied to. But there was no way of trying
to explain it to you. And obviously we had each other
blocked off everything so you wouldn’t have realised that.
You wouldn’t have… You blocked me. You did, though. I blocked her because I just
felt like it was easier for me to move on with things, I didn’t
want to see her enjoying herself. I felt like he just didn’t want
anything to do with me, even though I’d not really
done that much wrong. For me, that was the easiest
way of getting over things. Why didn’t you want to talk to me?
Why didn’t you get in touch? Like, what was stopping you? Because you seemed happy. I wasn’t. I wasn’t that happy. I might’ve
looked it, but… I know, but… ..I wasn’t. ..you look happy, so… Well, I wasn’t. Within about the first
two or three months, we moved into my mum’s house. I felt very isolated. We were arguing all the time. It put a lot of pressure
on the relationship, we got underneath each other’s skin. So… Did we move in together too fast? Yeah, I definitely think
we moved in together too fast. Us being at my mum’s in that
bedroom all the time, like, was no good for our relationship. But then I feel like we’re
at a stage now where, like, you know, if we wanted
to get back together, I would want to move in together,
like, I don’t know. Or is that just me rushing again? Since we broke up,
I have missed her a lot and I’ve not really gone out a
lot because, to be honest, I don’t feel like I’ve
been myself, really. Do you want some of mine? Go on, then. I regret how we broke up
because I do still have feelings for Callum and I don’t want
it to be bitter between us. Can we learn from our
mistakes and try again? I still love you, I always will. You’re always in the back of
my mind no matter what I do. That’s actually really cute. But it’s hard, like, because I’ve
always wanted to sort things out. I do love you, Callum. I do, I do really miss you, like, you literally are like
my best friend. Like, it’s like losing a best
friend and a boyfriend. Space is what we needed.
Maybe this is what we needed to make things work. Time away from each other
and realise what, you know, we have lost, like… I have been gutted. Aw. It feels amazing that he still has
feelings for me because I still have feelings for him, but I just wish
he would’ve contacted me sooner. She is like my soul mate. She’s got an amazing personality
and I do love her to bits. I’m happy to give things
another go if you are. But I mean, there is
no rush, is there? Yeah. We can just go step-by-step. So… would you like to go
and have a drink? I definitely would, yes. Would you? Yeah. Decent. I think we’ve both learnt
from this that we need to have space but we also need to be honest
with each other. I feel like we can put
the past in the past and move on and be a happy couple
and see what the future brings.