let’s look at how you connect your
YouTube account to your Twitter account so it automatically tweets when you upload
a video there are other options as well so it can automatically tweet when you
like a video or some other things now here’s a video that I uploaded recently
three unique vlogging tips and if I go over to my Twitter account I can see
that it tweeted that out automatically here’s another one that I liked and it
tweeted that out as well now I’ll show you how to do that and I’m gonna log out of
all my accounts and disconnect it so that I can show you from the beginning
I’ve logged out of Twitter and YouTube and the first thing I want to do is to
make sure I’m logged in to Twitter I’m logged in to Twitter so I’m going to
look at the top tweet that I’ve done this is a pin tweet so we won’t count
that one and my last tweet was here how to get a lot of views on YouTube let’s
go over to YouTube now here in YouTube I’m gonna log in choose the account because I’ve got several different
channels I need to choose the correct channel and click OK let’s connect the
account so I’m going to click up here on my face and click creator studio I then
click on my face again and click settings on the left i click connected
accounts and the only choice you’ve got here is Twitter so let’s connect just
click authorize app down here you get a choice of when you
actually want to tweet out so I want to tweet when I upload a video when I add a
video to a public playlist maybe not when I like a video yes and when I save
a playlist I think that’s okay as well so I’ll save those let’s see it’s done
let’s test it out I’ll go on to one of my videos let’s click like and see what happens here in Twitter I’ll click refresh and you can see that that’s tweeted that
out already